Help me tweek my thumbgen setup PLEASE

I am using the MOJO theme format except that I have my movies in separate folders so I am aware that the theme per say wont work in this situation.  I had everything set up to where I could live with the output from thumbgen, but I tinkered with the set up and now I can’t get back to what I liked. I know its just putting a check mark by something or not putting a check mark by something.   I’m making a list of the correct format I want the the incorrect format I’m getting. When i click on process files/folders I see a list of my movies showing : yellow file folder with filmstrip coming out of it followed by the movie name. Double click the movie name and a second line pops up showing a filmstrip followed by the movie name , film reel(nfo file), thumbgen icon (movie sheet) and metadata icon. This is what I want.

This is what I get right now.  Instead of a yellow file folder with filmstrip coming out of it i get the boxcover/thumbnail followed by the movie name.  Double click movie name and instead of filmstrip followed by movie name I get Boxcover/thumbnail followed by movie name. The nfo and movie sheet and metadata icons are the same.  Also current Movie Templates show: Main default thumbgen, Extra default thumbgen, Spare TW No Cover Box_SMP 194x369, this could be the problem also. HELP.


As a recommendation, try asking one of the guys on the theme board, since they will have more information about this type of configuration.