Thumbgen and mojo (MS) Lost Sheet Information

I’ve been using thumbgen and mojo very successfully for over a year now (over 500 movie on my server now with all the moviesheet information I need).  But I lost my HDU and had to start all over – of course I’ve forgotten all the settings I used in thumbgen.

When I generate moviesheets now they are all missing the far righthand box information (see attached) and I also have to clean up tons of thumbnail entries in the .XML so it has only MovieName_sheet.jpg to use as backdrop.


More Info …

Here is a clip of what I need to have …

The problem must be some setting in thumbgen, since I can use all the sites in the world to get movie information but none of them give me anything but an image feild with no information in it (as seen on the first clip I attached).


Check to make sure that the “Common” folder is in the sheets template folder.

If it is then you may have a corrupt template.  Delete it from your Templates folder, then redownload it from here:

The folder & file locations are probably why it is messing up all right.  I downloaded and replaced the template from your link and then made sure there was a “common” folder in the “mojo_glass_sheet2” directory, but still had the same problems.

To clean it all up and get everything where it needs to be I will just delete it all and restore it from my archives.  What is the exact folder structure I need to end up with?



THANKS – Got it running again.  Sorry to bother you, but I couldn’t find any functional links to instructions (all links I found are dead) and the video tutorials are so small I can’t read anything (and if I stretch them to fill my screen they blur out too badly to read).

One last question though …

How do I stop it from pulling all this stuff …

 so I can just use one basic “backdrop” line like …

killer joe_sheet.jpg