WDTV - compiling media library for 3 days - lights flashing

The light on the box has been flashing for three days. I click on the ‘videos’ link and it says that the WDTV is scanning your content… media will not appear until it is scanned etc.

I click on I’ll wait and up the top it says 'compiling media library… the wheel of death goes round and round, then after a few minutes it comes up saying the last content source has been moved.

Everything that is stored on the drive is showing on my laptop.
Is there an easy way to fix this? I have unplugged it.


Check the threads, Pip. There has been a lot on the subject. Try this one for a start:

And try the ‘search’ function on the subject. The WDTV manual (troubleshooting at the end) says ‘failure to build library’ - make sure the drive is not set to ‘read only.’