Lag in compiling media library

I’m curious how long compiling the media library is supposed to take on my WDTV Live (M/N WDBHG70000NBK-02), firmware is version 2.02.32.
First, a quick rundown of my setup:
Win7 x64 Ultimate desktop hardwired to D-Link router; media files on 2 separate SATA hard drives (both Seagates) inside this desktop. The WDTV is hardwired to a secondary router (Wifi disabled) I have in the living room upstairs–Xbox & Smart TV are plugged in to this same router & function properly. By using, for example, the WDTV’s Music menu, I have no problem accessing the directory of music I have shared from this computer; playback is fine, as well. I’ve had similar success with playing movies & pictures, stored on the 2nd hard drive. For what it’s worth, I use the “Windows Shares” option.
My issue is that, with a fairly substantial amount of music (200k+ files), finding an artist’s directory is painstakingly slow–I remember reading not too long after I got the device that the “search” function was only available when using the Media Library format. Furthermore, wanting to sift through music by genre or year is impossible. The problem is that compiling the library seems to take forever. I admit I haven’t fiddled around with it in nearly a year, but I let it run for over 24 hours at one point in my most recent attempt, and it didn’t appear to be complete.
Sometimes it just sits there trying to access the library to no avail. I do recall on at least one occasion that I was able to access the different sorting options–artist, genre, album, etc. I got pretty excited because I thought I was finally getting somewhere. I selected “genre” and it went back to sitting and thinking, playing the little spinning arrow icon ad nauseum.
Does anyone have any tips or tricks to getting this to function properly, or do I just need to be more patient given the directory size (about 1.75 TB)?

My apologies for presuming that my 3- or 4-year old device labeled “WD TV Live” on the device and the manual with which it came (it was an open box item from Micro Center) was something other than a legacy device, or that it was renamed. I presume your initial snarky post about the incorrect forum was simply because you don’t have any helpful advice for my problem?

it was not meant to be snarky … it was meant to make you aware that you posted in the incorrect forum. So, if anyone who has some advice can easily find your post.

have you tried rebuilding your media library ? tried a factory reset ? tried deleting .wd_tv cache ?
anyways, good luck

ps. checking the Model Number on the WD Support page tells you what device you have