WdShareSpace - TWONKY


I have the latest WDSHareSpace firmware and would like to know I found a couple of bugs with trying to use twonky media how can I update twonky on its own and where do I get my license key from that came with the unit.

Does anyone know when the next firmware update is coming out for the sharespace.

The issue I have it sometime picks up the data.vid and music and sometime not via my media player.

Any thoughts or is this a common problem.

Beware of firmware updates…  Very bad things!  If you want to upgrade the firmware, please do yourself a favor and make sure you backup your data somewhere else prior.  The latest firmware upgrade bricked many units where the ssh, samba and http services would not start leaving the units inaccessible.  The only remedy was a complete reformat / factory restore which causes complete loss of data.

You can read horror stories  here.

Good luck!

Just so you know, there is no license key for the Twonky that’s on your unit.  It is only for that unit.  So, if you are planning to updateTwonky with the latest version, you will have to purchase the license for it from Twonky. 

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by data.vid, so excuse my ignorance, but I do know that twonky does not play every file and/or codec type.  In fact, it may not even see the ones it won’t play.  You will need to find the list of file and codec types it does play and convert to those if you plan to use Twonky for serving videos and music.  

Keep in mind that just because two files have the same container type, does not mean the files have the same codecs in them.  If they do, and one isn’t playing or being seen, then there may be something else going on.

As for next firmware update, I haven’t heard anything yet.  If I hear something, I’ll let you know.