Upgrade to Twonkymedia coming?

I purchased a 2TB Share Space this week, which has version 2.1.92 firmware installed.  This includes Twonkymedia version 4.4.9.  The latest version 4 release of Twonkymedia is 4.4.18, which includes many fixes and a major securiy fix. (See http://www.securiteam.com/securitynews/6R00L2KPPS.html). I have tried installing the latest Linux build from Twonky, but this fails on the Share Space due to OEM restrictions.

Is there a planned update to the ShareSpace to include a secure release of Twonkymedia?  If not, is there advice available from WD on how to install the generic Twonky Liunx release (possibly ARM Little-endian with GLIB 2.2.5)?

I know there was an update for the My Book World drives (The Sharespace’s little brother) which included a twonky update, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see an update. As far as I am aware they haven’t announced any plans yet though.

I’d like to see Twonky updated as well.

I recommend you raising a support ticket with the detail you’ve provided and have them escalate this through to Product Management if required. That will be the only way to elicit a formal response and hopefully resolution.


really needs to be updated to twonky 5. version for is well outdated and too antiquated for most peoples needs

I agree, an update is required, I hardly use the thing and it is also a hussle to stop the relevant service (requires putty and editing of scripts).

I wonder whether it’s possible to do a manual upgrade…