Twonky Upgrade to Version 6?

Dear forum,

I bought a new WDShareSpace.

Now I am facing problems with the installed Twonky Media Server version 5.1.1.

I am not able to parse my new folder “\Videos”. Even I register this directory in the config site, it does not appear within the parse window. The configuration only allows  to parse  the default directories: “\Shared Photos”, “\Shared Musics” and “\Shared Videos”.

Furthermore it is not possible to activate the transocders for videos.

I wrote an email to Twoky support, and asking for a new version for my WD device.

They answered this:

"…You are using the OEM version of the TwonkyServer.This version of the server is supported by the manufacturer of the device. Moreover, officially we do not support transcoding. You can install a 3rd party transcoder to enable transcoding. …

The Twonky Team…"

I have been told that the version 6 will fix this.

When will I get a new Twonky Media Server version 6  from WD?

How can I install any 3r4d party transcoder on my device?


Have you tried calling WD phone support for information on the release of version 6?