TwonkyServer 6.0.39 is Now Available for Download!

Hey WD when are we getting the new version of Twonky for our Sharespace’s ?

Can you please explain to us Sharespace owners why we are not getting the Twonky updates when other NAS suppliers are providing them?

Looking forward to your answer?

Good question, you might want to make the request in the ideas section.

It is in the ideas section?

Every time I put it in there WD change it to unplanned? and don’t provide any explanation?

By making it unplanned stops the thread and no one else can comment or give it Kudos.

It looks like WD are totally ignoring Sharespace owners?

I guess my next purchase will be Seagate and QNAP products, in fact since this Twonky issue started I have stopped buying WD products and switched to Seagate drives.

That’s the purpose of making it unplanned.  We have no intent of updating the Sharespace with Twonky 6.  It’s a business decision.  I know that it may upset you, but where have we promised that we’d update any of our devices with any other software or capabilities than what we released them with.  You must keep in mind that you ought to buy a product for what it already can do, not for what you think it should eventually do. 


The Sharespace should already be able to display the movie cover art when used as a media server, this is all I want. This is a bug with the SS or Twonky not something I want that the product shouldn’t all ready do.

Unfortunately all looks good on paper and the internet that the product does what you want, until you buy it and find it can’t, then your only hope is the manufacture fixes the problems/bugs.

As I said all I want is for the movie cover art to display correctly when I access my SS from a WDTV live via the media server.

Please look into this for me, thankyou.