Good morning everyone, when I installed my book live I put my pictures sorted by year. I installed the WD Photos app, and only after a few weeks I could see the pictures.
Now I have updated with new folders on My Book Live but I can not see the new photos on the WD Photos. In one case not even see the folder and in another case I see the folder it says 0 Photo. Can anyone help me.

They won’t be displayed until the MBL has finished indexing / transcoding them.  Depending on how many photos are there, it could take hours to days.

Thanks TonyPh12345,
but now they are already gone days, if not weeks.
I also tried with my wife’s iPhone but only updates those of a month ago without the folder with folders of 2012 and 2013 but saying photo 0 (zero).
I might say that my router is under license from fastweb a 10/100 and therefore would not know if this is it.
I do not think.
I suggest we try to remake the connection of the WD Photos?
That is to delete the connection and then do it again?
In doing so, however, I would not get back the photos only after a few months because those that I see now are about 18700 photos.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Resend hello

I would suggest rebuilding the database and see if that fixes it.

Go to Settings / Remote Access / Advanced / Rebuild WD 2go Server.