My Live Book Due - New pictures not visible when using the App "WD Photos" on my iPhone

I have apporx. 16000 jpg-files stored on my “My Book Live Duo”. All files are stored in the folder “Shared Pictures”. 2 days ago I have uploded 3 new folders with new pictures on the “My Book Live Duo”.

The issue which I have is that I still can see this new folders when using the App “WD Photos” on my iPhone. Furthermore I have deleted 1 folder on my “My Live Book Duo”. But when I use the App the folder is still available.

I have deleted the cache on my iPhone multiple times (under settings ==> delete cache). But I still don’t see the updates when using the App.

Does somebody has realized similar problems?

It can easily take four or five days to index that many photos and build the database.

I have uploaded approx. 500 new photos. The remaining 15.500 I have uploaded already 1 month ago.
Are you sure that it takes several days to index approx. 500 photos and build data base?

Ok, that wasn’t clear to me from your original post…  My appologies for the assumption.

– so, are the ORIGINAL 15,000 files still correctly visible, and the only issue is with the update of the 500 photos?

Exactly. The ORIGINAL 15.000 files are stil there.

But only 25 of the 500 new files are visible. Since 2 days I don’t see any progress.

Same here. My MBLD (4TB, RAID0) took about 48 hours to index ~20000 photos a week ago. Two days ago, I added ~200 pictures in a new directory directly beneath the pre-installed public share, and they’re still not in the app, and neither is the directory. In wd2go, the files showed up immediately.

Yeah, the difference is that  wd 2go doesn’t use the mionet cache, and wd photos does.

If you want to dig a little, you can enable SSH (lots of posts about how to do that.)

Log into the MBL and do

cd /CacheVolume/.orion
ls -la

 … and note the timestamp on the file “orion.db” 

If it’s recent, then it’s still doing some indexing on something.

If not, then it may be necessary to rebuild the cache via the Web UI:


and click the Rebuild button next to “WD 2go server”

Yeah, I know, it’s not WD 2go, but for whatever reason, that’s how WD labeled it…