WD Photo Apps shows "No Photos Found."

I have a 3TB MyBookLive and it was running fine with WDPhoto and WD2Go apps on iPhone and iPAD until recent months. Somehow it’s showing the error "No Photos Found.: on my iPhone4s as well as iPADs. I’ve tried all the recommended steps in the forum where I’ve Off the Remote Access, rebooted and On back the Remote Access but to no avail. I’ve also did many rebuild WD2Go database and rebooted the devices also cannot help. Firmware on MyBookLive and WDPhoto software are all up-to-date. However the MyCloud software works fine where I can access my files and photos. What could be wrong and how can I fix this problem. Please help.

You need to uploud to the dashboard a frish new firmware even if you got the same firmware updated!,i hope that help.

I have exactly the same problem, I have tried the solution offered above, but it still didn’t work!!

There is no firmware to update since it’s running the latest firmware and dashboard as well. Everytime I tried to access the My Book Live on the WD Photo, it shows “First Time Setup” every single time and after loading it shows “No Photos Found”. I’ve tried to delete, add back the using activation code and also add using home network, rebuild database, uncheck and check Remote Access, all does not work. What else can I do? FYI, my Picture folder is under the Public folder which is recommended and I’ve not moved the folders since day 1 and it was working fine until recent few months.

Last resort will be Restore Factory default but this will wipe the data and is there anyway I can fix this issue without formating or losing my data?