WDPhotos - can't see thumbnails and view pictures


  1. Application WDPhotos ver 2.4.5 (android)/ Drive WD My Cloud -  current firmware installed v04.01.01-413

  2. Drive restarted. Connection to drive via VPN (so Mobile Phone and WD My Cloud are in the same network)


  1. Start WDPhotos application on android, next settings - Clear Cache - i see in menu now drive name (WDMyCloud)

  2. Select drive - now in progrss - “First Time Setup” - it takes some time

  3. Next i see shares names then i  navigate to directory that contains JPG files

  4. I see no thumbnails (Folder view)

  5. when I press on one picture box picture view screen i opening and i see loading progress circle , but no any picture on screen

  6. after some seconds i receive message “No internet Connection available”

During this test VPN connection was stil working without any issues. If i try to execute the same test without VPN i received the same effects (we can exclude any issues on router side)

Do you any idea how can I fix this ?



Please note that the thumbnails will not be available right away after you transfer the pictures to the My Cloud drive. Also make sure the pictures are saved in the “shared pictures” folder on the public share.

Hi Hamlet 

  1. It is clear for me that thumnails will be created  when internal crawler will finish procesing and some times it dakes several hours 

  2. In my case pictures were copied to Wd My cloud  week ago , then on Saturday i received last update to version v04.01.01-413, after update i recreated thumnails using option “DLNA Database” rebuild 

  3. in logs i found that all pictures were transcoded … whatever it means (file wdphotos.log) on sunday

  4. yeserday i still was not able to view both fthumnails and files using WDPhoto - so i restarted WD My Cloud … 

and still no effect - after 18 hours i restarted drive again and success I SEE ALL THUMBNAILS AND I’M ABLE TO VIEW FILES (JPG) USING WDPHOTOS on Android devices 

So it looks that issue is not on WDPhotos mobille application but on WD My Cloud -side … I think that to normal use of WD My Cloud  is not need to restart drive every some hours .



It is not true that as you wrote “make sure the pictures are saved in the “shared pictures” folder on the public share.”

all my pictures are outside “\wd\Public\Shared Pictures”  directory and I’m now able to see them in WD Photos so your notice was INVALID.

Now I’m investigating logs - If i will found any i will post here…

I reported case to WD Support and I received the same wrong response as you presented … so it s strange how WD Support works 

for me WD My Cloud is nice solution but support … i think that i should stop writing here 


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Thanx a lot ts123! it helped me out to restart the drive!

your comment is worth gold and much better then any support from the so called WD Support! 

thanx again- for writing.