Thumbnails are not seen in the My Cloud mobile app or


Is there realy any other solution than always when I add new directory with pictures i turn off/on cloud and or rebuild index as written there:

Thank you!

Did you disable the Cloud-access for your NAS?

What I noticed: NAS was configured for Cloud-Access, the WD App was showing all thumbnails perfectly, regardless if I had access from my local LAN or the Internet.
I disabled the Cloud-Access - all thumbnails are vanished.
Enabled the cloud-access again - thumbnails available.

Don`t know the sense behind - or what the idea was behind by WD. Apparently only a bug?

When I get myCloud I enabled Cloud access-

All thumbs for pictures on NAS up to that that date were ok.

After that date there was no thumbs in newest folders.

5 minutes ago I disabled cloud-access and enabled back. Now I have all thumbs.
So solution is working but it’s really stupid that you have to turn off/on cloud every time when new folders (pictures) are added.

Ok. So at least it works…
But`s stupid enoght that without using the cloud service the thumbnails (that are stored locally on the NAS) are not shown anymore in the app, when having access in the local net.