WDPhoto not showing new photos


5 days ago I uploaded lots of new photos in new folders on my My Book Live Duo (all in the Shared Pictures directory).

When I start up my iPad and use WDPhoto I see a few new folders but the majority of them are missing.

Any ideas?  I have tryed to go into the dashboard and have hit rescan, but surely I should see them all there almost straight away.



Not sure why this will happen

what app version do you have?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app

I have the same issue.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app “fixes” the problem. I mean, the phone finds the new folders but in a couple of weeks I have again the same problem and I don’t think that the best solution must be uninstalling the app.

Of course with the last version of the app and the last firmware availalbe for the drive.

Same problem here. Have anyone figured this out?

I have this problem and this question keeps cropping up,  but you never get an answer to it.