WD Photo - This app is pretty shocking from my experiences

Hello All.

I bought a WD livebook this week really to be able to view my 30 gig of photos easily on my IPAD. Tuesday night I copied up the 30 gigs of photos to the shared photo dir. THey are all there as I can see them in WD2go. I appreciate this transcoding needs to happen but my folders on the ipad havent changed in days. I have the cahe set to 2gig.

Problems so far.

  1. Cant actually see the photos on the share from WDphoto.

  2. If I delete a folder on the share the folder seems to stay there?

  3. I cleared the cache and restarted WDphoto - now its gradually compaining it cant find some of the photos in the folders i have deleted (but still not updating the view in WDphoto)

Is WDphoto a write off? are there any other apps that work better or are we stuck with it. Apologies if this is user error.



1- The pics HAVE to be JPG or JPEG to be seen.

2- Cache problem.

3- Known issue if you check the board.


All the photos are JPG or JPEG. Everyone seems to have issues with this app I agree, but I don’t really see any recognition from the support team. If this is a. Know issue then great, tell us. [Deleted] maybe even create one the tech notes so we all know the deal. So far I can see many “pictures won’t refresh” type issues with no solutions other than just wait…



I stopped using WD photos on Android the day WD2Go came out and I’m happy as an Easter bunny on a chocolate factory, so I can’t really complain.