WD Photos - Is it possible to just see all the alums in the Shared Photo Share?

Hello All,

Apologies for my ignorance in afdvance. I setup my Livebook last night and overnight I copied 30 gig of photos into my share. I also installed WD photos on my ipad. I can see a selection of photos on the ipad but I am missing many folders and content.  Strangley when I launch WD photos, I see the Mylivebook icon and there is a little camera icon there. If I select this I can see many folders that are missing from my main folder view. I can also see all the photos from WD 2go

so it looks like they are available. Is there a setting somewhere I need to switch on?

Help anybody…




nothing to do from your side. Photos need to be transcoded to become visible in WD Photos. The transcoding process is running automatically in the background, depending on the amount ouf photos it might be running for hours or even days. Once finished, all your pictures will appear.



Thank you, this is sorted now. The issue was the drive was going into sleep mode after 10 mins so not transcoding anything! I set it to stay on and they are slowly trickeling in now.



this is a silly question, if I delete photos in the share from my PC. Will those changes be reflected in the WDphoto app? so if I delete a directory of photos wil they disappear from my ipad?



This is a bit of a different answer, but it might help. The best thing I’ve ever found for viewing photos and photo folders is the free software that comes with a Canon EOS camera, like a Rebel or better. It’s called DPP and you can get it for free online, or by bumming a disk from a Canon owner if they haven’t stupidly tossed it. It’s better than lightroom, way easier to use for that purpose. And much better than Picassa or anything else I’ve seen. It’s a bit slower with a Live network drive than it is with a standard external drive, but it still works well. With the USB 3 drives, it loads as fast as you like. Be sure to update the software on the Canon site if you load it, because they update it all the time. The last version was buggie but the others are all great, including the new one.