WD Photos - deleting phots

Hi, I’m having a problem, I deleted some photos from my WDMyBook but when I access the WD Photos app on my iPhone they are still being displayed, any ideas on why this is happening?

It is because the photos on the iPhone are first transcoded into smaller versions on the My Book and then cached on the iPhone. There is a setting to clear the cache in the Settings app.

You have to clear the cache in iphone…

– first make sure that WD Photo App is completely closed and not just minimised on IPhone.

– Then go to Settings --> WD Photos --> then set “clear cache on next launch” to ‘On’.

– Launch WD photos app … the deleted photos should be gone now.

When you delete photos in Public\Shared Pictures, the change will not immediately be seen in WD Photos. The WD Photos database is periodically checked to ensure all files still exist, and when one doesn’t, its database entry is removed.

The process should not take more than 24 hours. Restarting the drive does not always help speed up the process.

Clearing the cache on the iPhone will help generate the latest database, however if the database still does not reflect the deleted changes, you will still see the photos.