WD Photos does Not display all Folders


WD Photos, everything seems to be working fine but it WD photo does not display all of my Photos Folder WD HD LIVE HUBTV set.

I got 24 photos folder but it only display upto 14, I tried all mechanism but its not working.

However, I could workaround with Zappo, as it display everything perfectly no issue at all but its very very slow and also it does not cache the pictures so in my scenario WD Photos is the only option.

Is this is the limitation or what? Any help please…or any other app??

After increasing the CAche SIZE TO 5gb, i COULD SEE MORE  FOLDERS.

Since I got 10GB of Photos, Is there anyway I could select which folders to cache which folder not to?

I’m using IPAD…

WD TV Live Hub has a transcoder running at low priority. It converts photos stored on Live Hub to a format best for your iPad/iPhone/Android device. As the transcoder runs at low priority, it takes some time to convert the images. Each time you select your Live Hub from the devices screen in WD Photos 1.2, the database is reloaded and you should see more photos over time. WD is working on improving the transcoding time.

The cache limit is not what allows you to see more photos - just time to transcode. Zappo TV uses DLNA in a LAN setting and loads the photo directly vs. WD Photos loads a much smaller version of the image as it supports the WAN (wide area network).

Thanks for the clarrification.

Whille doing this, I encounter another issue. I’ve reorgonized the WD LIVE HUB TV PHOTOS FOLDERS and now WD PHOTOS folders still showing the same olders folders and giving me the error picture now found even I left connected the WD Photo IP PAD for all night…

You will need to clear the cache on your device to get an updated database of your transcoded files. When you move files around, the transcoder sees it as a “delete” and “new file.” When you see a “File not Found” error it means the transcoded file is no longer on the drive and your phone’s cache is out of date.

Is there any timescale on the coding work to speed up getting updated photo’s out to devices.  I only found this app last night and think it’s GREAT, it would just be better if photo’s arrived on the mobile device a little quicker.



Were on the iphone do I clear this cache?

:smileyvery-happy: Never mind I found it. But now I get first time setup then a message “Unable to process photo database”.

What device do you have, 5stringplyr?

You’ll see the error “Unable to process photo database” if you do not stop the WD Photos app using the iPhone task manager before switching the “clear cache” toggle. This is something we’re fixing in a future release of WD Photos.

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My Book Live 3TB

iPhone 4

How do you stop WD Photo from using the Task Manager?

Hi there,

I have obverved a similar behaviour. I have tried everything a read in this thread but I’m still not able to see all folders.

  • All folders are beneath public/Shared Pictures. 11 in total but only 3 appear in no particular order (2nd, 3rd and 9th)
      Displayering 517 pictures. There are 16 319 in total available (shown in mybooklive/UI / setup / twonky media.)

  • Cache is configured to 5 GB  (which hasn’t changed anything. Allways only 3 folders appearing)

  • Cache was cleaned

  • Indexing was restarted on Server side


Acer Iconia A500  running Android 3.0

WD Photos 1.3.0


WD My Book Live 3TB

Version:MyBookLive 02.01.06-026 : Core F/W

Twonky Media 5.1.9

What else can I try ?

Any ideas would be appreciated.



I have a very similar story. I have cleared the cache, reinstalled wd photos (on my iPad). Still only a minor number of my photos show up. Having spent two days and read nearly ever post here I’m nearing explosion point. Please please can someone find a solution.

I have almost 100gb on my wdtv live hub and WD photos only sees 3 photos. What is up with this?

Having the same problem with WDphoto not showing all my photos on IPad2

I have done every thing in this thread but nothing is working is there going to be a fix to this soon.

I noticed the same problem…which I believe may be caused by insufficient memory allocated to caching photo thumbnails on my android phone (bionic).  I was able to increase the number of directories and photos displayed, by increasing the cache size in the WD Photos app settings (now maxed at 5 GG) and clearing the cache, so that it rebuilds again.  It’s still unclear how many directories and photos, will eventually process  with the cache set this large.  The WD 2go App doesn’t have this problem since it doesn’t display photo thumbnails.  Kind of a dilemma, WD Photos is intuitive, but limited by the thumbnail cache issue…and WD 2go app isn’t intuitive since all you see is directory & file names and dates.  Which means it’s time to cull through thousands of photos, organizing them, and descriptively title them… Mañana right!  Given the thumbnail caching memory requirements it would be awesome if WD provided a way to organize files on the My Book Live Network drive to point WD Photos to a subset or sub directory tree of the potentially massive Shared Photos directory!  Re-organizing seems further complicated by the WD Photos reticence in recognizing when photos have been reorganzied or deleted, even after clearing the cache.  WD Photos seems to be a work in progress…promising but not quite there yet!

I have the same issue with WD Photos on My Book Live 2TB on iphone4/ipad - only one out of the six folders in my public/shared pictures folder is displayed, and even then just 495 out of the over 1000 pictures are listed. It does not appear that the number of pictures will increase - transcoding time or not - stuck at 495 photos for days. Cleared cache, increased cache to 5gb, deleted drive etc same result.

Is there a physical limit to number of pictures in first folder seen?

… after raising my cache to 5gb the number of displayed pictures has now crept up from 493 to 511 after 5 hrs! Seems it will be ages before all 5pictures are displayed, if ever.

I think the problem wd was aiming to solve by these thumbnails is replaced by a more frustrating one of not seeing all the pictures you want to see. my suggestion: marry the two; display all folders and pictures initially using dummy icons, gradually update the thumbnails as is being done now, but give priority to any pictures on demand.

I have had the same issue for weeks. I am running the latest version of WDphotos and from my IPAD1 running OS5 I can see some of my folders but not all. Nothing has changed for weeks. I am not convinced that clearing the cache on the ipad actually does anything as when I am offline I see the same photos as when I am connect the MBL…a real shame as the app and NAS box would be awesome if this worked. I have a case open with WD support but its vry slow going…



Hi, have you had any response from WD? I am having the same problem but also have photos doubled and reorganising or adding files does not update on my iPad. Not impressed with this.