WD Photos does not show new folder

The WD Photos app shows all my photos which I stored on the MyBook Live Duo on the “Public”->“Shared Pictures” directory.
10 days ago I created a new subfolder in that directory and added 90 photos there. I can see them on the “My Cloud” app on my iPhone 6, but not via the “WD Photos” app. How come???


On the dashboard, you should be able to see an option under remote access that is called rebuild I believe its under advanced section on remote access, try to press this button and see if you can see the pictures after doing this. hope this helps.

Unfortunately this does not work. I checked out all possibilities and None of the Folders which added this year does appear on the “WD PHOTOS” app. They are all visible in the “my Cloud” app and “WDMyCould.com” though. Very strange!

I have the same issues and send WD an e-mail about this as the WD Photos app has become useless and doesn’t show new folder structure. This is their response:

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Support my name is OMAR and I am one of the WD Support Agents.

I am sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with our applications. If you are able to see the latest update for the WD photos app you will see that it was years ago, this is due to the fact that this application is discontinued and considered a legacy application as it was synced within WD my cloud application instead. Thus, the only available application at the moment for remote access purposes and browsing your photos on my cloud is the my cloud application.