WDMYCloud not connect

I use Automator app to auto connect WDMYCloud when login my Mac. Before Sierra it work perfectly and update to Sierra I keep get connection error and have to rerun Automator manually then it works. I don’t want do it manually every single time.

I set it up like this:

Get Specified Server
I add share name at end then

Connect to Server

And save it as app.

This don’t work anymore since Sierra and I have to re run it manually then it connect fine.

How I fix this?

What is the ‘Automator app’?

Can’t you get the Mac to automatically re-connect to mapped drives without needing an app? (Windows does…)

I note that this doesn’t mention MyCloud, but I think the advice is still correct.

Automator app do lot things for you automatically like connect things or resize photos or set things automatically. Too many list here.

It part of Mac OS built in.

Problem that guide is finder pop up every single time when switch on Mac. I don’t want close it every single time after login Mac. That why I use Automator connect automatically without finder pop up.

Is there any way fixing problem on Sierra??