Can you mount a WD MyCloud permanently on Mac?

I’ve googled this question a lot and it leads me to a discussion on here that tells me to click “Go” and “Connect to server” which I have done multiple times but every time I reboot my MacBook I have to reconnect to the device. Is there a way to connect my WD My Cloud permanently to my MacBook or am I out of luck?

What do you mean connect to the Mac? The My Cloud is designed to be connected to the local area network, typically through a router. One can, in a pinch, connect the My Cloud direct to the computer using Ethernet. You cannot use the USB port on the My Cloud to connect to your computer’s USB port.

If you mean map the My Cloud connected to your local network to your Computer, then either see the My Cloud User Manual ( or the following link (even though its for a different WD device) for directions on how to map the My Cloud to one’s computer. Substitute wdmycloud where the following link uses the name for some other WD device.

No matter which method you plan on using you should read the entire My Cloud User Manual which explains how to use the unit and configure its features/options.

Read my post. I’ve done that. I have to do that every time I reboot my Mac. It’s ridiculous. Is there a way for my Mac to automatically mount the drive? It doesn’t unmount from my PC I don’t understand why it does with my Mac.

have read your post and it was slightly confusing.

So your problem is with mapping the My Cloud to you Mac. The following link may help. It appears to possibly be a two step process.

From that link note the following text under mounting the network drive:
… or for a specific user check the box next to “Remember this password in my keychain” – you must select to remember the password otherwise the automatic login event can not happen without logging into the network drive

Worked PERFECTLY. Thank you so much. And sorry for the attitude this issue has been driving me insane.

On doing this -which is great, thank you - entering login details, I get an error msg to check the IP or server name. It is connected to the router. Any suggestions on what it is wanting and where to find it? It shows up under Shared on my iMac as WDMyCloud .
thank you

There was nothing wrong with your attitude. It was perfectly clear what you meant; just a smart Alec reponse. This is still a problem after all this time.