Hi, I would love some assistance with this as I refuse to believe the thing is dead.

I have WD MY Cloud device. I started having issues about a month back where I could no longer access the UI either by IP or \wdmycloud. This was resolved by simply restarting the device. Then, when putting in the address into the Browser the ‘TWONKY’ details were showing, and only my public shared folders were accessible. I decided to take the decision to do a 4 second reset on the device and start again with it. After doing so, I can no longer see the device on the network. So, I then performed a 40 second reset…still the same result.

I’ve removed all devices off the network so that it is just the WDMYCLOUD and my computer plugged into the router, ran an Angry IP Scan and there is nothing on the network other than my computer and the router. I’ve changed the port it’s plugged into, I’ve changed the cable and I’ve tried plugging the device into the computer directly…still nothing.

If it’s not getting an IP address, how the hell can I connect to it? I don’t believe it is a hardware fault, as it ‘gradually’ got to this stage. The network port on the back of the wdmycloud is is blinking away as if it has network connectivity, and there is a solid white light at the front of the device indicating that all should be good.

Really need some help here as I have everything on this thing.

Per the User Manual for the My Cloud (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/?id=439&type=25 27) a solid white front LED indicates the My Cloud is Initializing:
• Device has begun loading the Operating System (OS).
• Firmware update in progress.

They say that but what I read in many post is something different Firmware problem or the HDD is dead. Try this, using Linux to access to the files

Thanks all. After reading some other posts, I would agree…the firmware, OS loading is stuck in a loop and the device is bricked. I will need to take the HDD out and SATA the data off. Piece of ■■■■.

Did you happen to change internet providers or broadband router’s recently? There is a rare instance where the MY Cloud won’t obtain an IP address with certain broadband routes. WD has a Knowledgebase article on this rare issue.

The workaround is to use a network switch between the My Cloud and route.

Other obvious troubleshooting steps to try if they haven’t been tried already. Connect the My Cloud to a different networking port on the route. Change the My Cloud network cable out with a new Ethernet cable. Assign a static IP address to the My Cloud through the router’s administration interface.