WDMyCloud no access, no blue light

Hi. I have a problem with my WDMyCloud. It doesn’t turn blue. I reset it so many times but still no luck.

I got white/yellow light steady but after a minute or two, it blinks then it goes back to steady state. At the back panel, sometimes the green flashes and orange light doesn’t lit. I’m not sure if this is a cable issue. I tried also removing the ethernet cable, unplugged the power then plugged it again while pressing the reset button after that I got steady white again. It says in the manual if there’s no connection on the cable it should be blinking constantly but mine, it just steady white.

What else should I do? I’ve done a different reset but still doesn’t work.

Hope someone can help me.


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As a troubleshooting step try connecting the My Cloud directly to a computer using Ethernet wire.

Do you by chance have one of the routers mentioned in the following WD Knowledgebase article or is your ISP AT&T?

Should the green and orange be lighted when I put the ethernet cable?

I already tried it but still no luck. I live in the Philippines. I’m using a Huawei router with Fibr connection.

My recollection is that a steady light is indicating a file system repair underway.

My suggestion would be to let it sit for a few hours and see if it comes back to life.

Actually, I plugged it for almost a week. Ethernet cable plugged into the router. Should I plug it into my laptop instead?

Generally yes, both LED’s on the network port on the My Cloud should light up when an Ethernet wire is connected from a router to the My Cloud.

As the previous poster indicated, try leaving the My Cloud sit for a few hours. Could be a file/disk repair or scan is underway.

Okay. But currently, only the green light that is lighting up but it’s not consistent. Sometimes the orange flashes but only a few seconds but mostly there’s no orange light.

I got a cable that orange light is up and blinking green light. But after 2mins, both lights turned off then after 15-20secs it will come back. Is that normal? I’m plugging it to my macbook.

Generally one LED will indicate connection and the second LED will indicate network traffic. At this point just connect the My Cloud and walk away from it for a while then come back and see if the front LED still some other color than blue.

If one looks at the My Cloud User Manual (https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904) they’ll see diagrams that indicates what each LED light is for on the Ethernet port. For example from the single bay My Cloud v2.x user manual:

No. The lower LED (Ethernet Link) should be static:

off indicates a fault in the Ethernet connection (somewhere)
yellow indicates a 100Mbps link has been established
green indicates a 1Gbps link has been established.

If the lower LED is changing, something is wrong.

Try unplugging & re-plugging the cable at both ends.
Try replacing the cable.
Try a different port on the router.

The upper LED (Ethernet Activity) should flicker intermittently, indicating traffic is being passed over the link.

If your device is old, and the problem arose after you had turned it off at some point (turned the PSU off), it’s possible that the PSU is faulty, and unable to supply enough current to boot the device.

oh I see. Thank you for that information. I will try different PSU. I have 3 cable ethernet which is good so maybe the PSU is the problem (I hope) not the HDD

Hi. Just an update, I bought a replacement PSU and a CAT6 LAN Cable but still no blue light :frowning: I’m confused now.

I got steady orange lower led and blinking upper green led

I have exactly the same problem.
-white/yellow light on the front blinks once after that it stays solid, the blue light doesn’t come on
-the upper LED (ethernet activity) blinks intermittently
-the lower LED (ethernet Link) is solid only when plugged into my laptop, but when plugged into the router it is never blinks)

Do you have a solution? Most importantly how can I access my data?

Any update? I have the same issue?

Hi, I have the same problem - Mycloud 2TB, until recently I had a constant blue light but suddenly I have noticed that it is gone, and now there is no light at all.
When I try to access the could from my new laptop - I cannot: it does not recognize it so I cannot install.
What should I do to fix it?
Thanks, Tom

Hi AA,

All is well! Have you resolve the problem? I have the same problem with you too. :frowning:


Unfortunately, It’s just a display. I can’t really fix it.

Same problem here. Good network connection, according to the LEDs on the Ethernet port. Steady green, 1 Gb. The front panel LED goes from blinking yellow to steady yellow, then dark. Is there a way to recover my data?

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