WD MyCloud 2TB - Solid Orange LED

I have a WD MyCloud 2TB. It stopped working and has a Solid Orange LED light.
P/N wd8ctl0020hwt - 00

It’s NOT red, or blue. definitely Orange.

It’s not registered on the network, nothing on the router.
4 second reset doesn’t work
40 second reset doesn’t work

I do get Green, sometimes flashing network light.

Have seen this reported on here, but there are no answers posted.
Have lots of info stored on it, and it’s the backup for my PC, so really need to get it working again.


See the User Manual, Table of Contents>Chapter Two>LEDs. There are no Orange.

Even though the User Manual for the WD My Cloud has no description or reference to a Orange / Yellow LED … it Definately does Have One. Have seen it several times.

Just tested it now with my 2TB WD My Cloud … if i disconnect the Ethernet Cable connected to it and then wait a few seconds and plug it back in … The Front LED Blnks Orange / Yellow (NOT RED as stated in the My Cloud User Manual) several times and then returns to normal … Blue

The Blinking Orange / Yellow LED Indicates in my Test … “Network Cable Not Inserted”

as described in an older My Book Live/Duo KBA … https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=17771

A Solide Orange / Yellow LED Indicates … “Drive has begun Loading the Operating System (OS)”

I think i recall having a Solid Orange / Yellow LED after an Electrical Storm Blackout … and when the power was restored the Solid Orange / Yello LED took a long time to disappear … can’t recall, but it may have been 10 minutes.

Anyways, just because the My Cloud User Manual does not state the Orange / Yellow LED … does not mean it does not exist.

And i have seen a number of errors and omissions in WD Manuals over the years.

And the User Manual Stating that RED LED is “Attention” Status … is Incorrect.

I have NEVER seen a RED LED in the years i’ve had My My Cloud … just as well, because that’s Severe Fault / Problem.

Images help out a lot!!! I have a couple of videos on my You Tube account to show things that I have seen on my My Cloud.

I’ll do one better … Here’s a video

disconnnecting the ethernet cable from the WD My Cloud … Orange Blinking … Then reconnecting back … then Blue again.

Yes, I have read the manual. No it doesn’t say anything about a Orange LED.

Yes, it is exactly that Orange color. BUT it doesn’t blink.
Solid Orange. (Could it be a combination of Solid Red + Solid White at the same time?)

The Ethernet cable works, and shows Solid/Flashing green on the back.

Nether of the 2 reset methods do anything.
Has been sat their for several weeks with no change (just got around to looking at it).

I’m guessing I may need to do this.

I’ve had solid orange for a few weeks but not looked into till now , spotted your post , i had my iphone App at the ready it was on this i was trying to look at some stored photo’s i first realised it wasnt working , Log on to App on your phone it will obviously say its offline , next take the ethernet cable out & then put back in again starts flashing orange , refresh the phone app ( pull down ) it should then say the WDMyCloud needs a Update mine did , Select your Device & download if it takes ages turn off thye App then back on or do it on your Mac , Laptop etc by signing in on one of those THIS should do it