WDMyCloud Lan Problem

When I start the WD MyCloud device, the LAN light turns on for 2-3 seconds then goes off.
The light in the front is not blue. Yellow light Flashes continuously. (Blinks because the Internet is), I think.
The Ethernet input is not lit. Could the dashboard crash?

My friend had the same device. Trying to unplug the HDD and have it connected to the device.
Modem and cable were tested working.
I also reset the device (40 sec) but the problem is the same.

Can I Help You About My Problem?
Thanks in advance to interested friends.

Are you sure your cable is good?

Blinking yellow is either “No network cable connected” or “I am overheated”

Given the behavior of the link light, I would say it is the former. Do you have a cable tester, or another machine you can test the cable with?

The cable is new. I also checked with the tester no problem. There are two lights in the lan-in. Neither of me is on fire.

are the contacts inside the port damaged?

I could not see. You can look at the pictures below.

When I energize, the light goes on for 5 seconds.

light turns off after 5 Sec

The light in front flashes after a while after energizing.

I was meaning inside the ethernet port itself. Sometimes the contacts inside can get bent and shorted together, or broken off entirely.

This is an example of a damaged port.

As a troubleshooting step try putting a network switch between the My Cloud and the network router.

Hi, did you solved the problem?