"WDMyCloud is Missing" in WD Sync -- Won't Synchronize

This worked for me too! I was getting the “WDMYCloud is Missing” from WD Sync and after reading this post, I did what @Miguel_Leon suggested. I removed the device from WD Sync, restarted my device and then added it back to WD Sync and it seems to be syncing now. Thanks!

I’d like to know if 6 hours later the same thing happens. This is what is the message from the device to the client. Notice in the date it is just over 6 hours between. I was sleeping in that time so nothing was being done by me.


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 07:02:35 GMT
Server: Apache
Vary: Accept-Encoding
X-Orion-Version: 2.7
Content-Length: 248
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
Content-Language: en

            "path":"/{userName}/WD Sync",


Failure when you get {deviceName} is missing

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 13:13:38 GMT
Server: Apache
X-Orion-Version: 2.7
Content-Length: 125
Connection: close
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
Content-Language: en

      "error_message":"Error in DB file location"

I’m having the same problem once again as well. I’m not sure how much time elapsed between success and failure, but I was at least able to back up my most important files.

While backing up, an error did come up with some files indicating that I would need to rebuild the content database.

When I checked a few days later, I saw that WD My Cloud Missing message again. I haven’t tried restarting the device or rebuilding the content database since then. I suspect that when I do, the error will go away for a time, but then come right back.

Thanks for the junk software, WD!

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Just a suggestion… WD Sync isn’t the only free sync tool in town.

@cpt_paranoia I would, but that won’t work with WD MyCloud, will it?

My whole aim is to do remote backups to MyCloud. I expect it to function as smoothly as Dropbox and similar cloud services–chose what folders you want to back up, and leave the rest to the program. If the tool you shared can do this, I’d gladly use it instead of WD Sync.


@cpt_paranoia I think the point is this. WD is claiming to have a cloud drive, but lacked true syncing features like DropBox, OneDrive, etc. The WD Sync is promising to fill that role, but is not doing that effectively.

There is always the push from leadership to deliver. It sometimes doesn’t matter if your release is ready. Case in point Adobe’s release last month with Lightroom that they had to do two quick releases to address major bugs.

Even WD had the same issue after rolling out the OS3. You have to release stable software and not have major bugs. Since we are humans, nothing we create will be perfect.

@snakedoctorunit Yes, I think you’re absolutely correct.

My complaint against WD is that I expected genuine cloud functionality from MyCloud when I first bought it nearly 2 years ago. Here I am 2 years later still waiting for the product to function as advertised. That’s simply unacceptable service.


Sorry; I was simply suggesting an alternative for some users. I don’t use it for remote backup or sync, but I note that it supports SFTP, and appears to be able to use this to operate remotely. It may be worth investigating (I won’t be, as I have no need for remote backup).

It can certainly allow you to specify which folders you want to backup/sync/mirror/version and where.

As for WD’s failings; yes, I accept that the MyCloud doesn’t live up to the advertising headlines, and the software isn’t robust, and I’d like to see them fix it. But I’ve given up waiting, and have looked elsewhere for solutions for my needs. It’s not as if I’m a WD apologist…

The only WD software I use (other than in the device) is the Android MyCloud app for remote access. And that’s not working properly for port forwarding mode for one of my devices. Relay mode on pre-OS3 device; yes. Port forwarding on an OS3 device: no. Still trying to get to the bottom of that.

has anyone made any progress at all on this issue?
there is no question that my device is online and it is easy to get everything working just fine by deleting and re-adding my cloud. (while, I might add, streaming music from the target device). However, I am sure you can see why that is not acceptable. Running W10 with an the updates and had this challenge since Sync launched.

@SBrown Speaking for myself, the problem is only with WDSync. I can connect every other way (see Nov. 4 replies), but WD Sync always shows “WDMyCloud is missing.”

At this point, I’ve basically given up hope that this issue will be resolved. I really wish WD Support would take the time to understand root cause and fix it… the frustration we, as customers, have experienced should be evident from this thread…

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I think we are a low priority with the resolution. My ticket from January is still open.

Feb 3, 2016

I have verified and Western Digital has this case under investigation at
the moment, you will be contacted back if further information is

A photographer peer was looking at options after his defective (new) WD My Book Pro was being sent back to Amazon. Me and another gent recommended buying a Synology NAS due in part to their focus with the core product.

You’re losing the battle WD and soon the war.

I just bought it and My device is connect to router via ethernet and its light is solid blue. but i am unable to create a setup because it says that they are unable to detect my device even i put mac address in it but it did’nt worked. can any one tell me what’s the solution?

@Jeff_Hart Thank you for your posts, I wish I had read this before buying a My Cloud device. I now want to add my case to the long list of dissatisfied clients. I bought a My Cloud EX2 Ultra a few weeks ago thinking it could replace our Dropbox service for our small office, acting as a “remote” cloud (as advertised).

But as it turns out, after setting up the device for about 20 users I now get a clearer picture of what the problem is, and having wasted a lot of time in the process, it is obvious that WD Sync for Windows simply doesn’t work for remote syncing.

WD Sync for Windows (current version 1.2, but I’ve also tried some previous versions) can’t detect the My Cloud device remotely when logged in your MyCloud.com account.

It works on the local network, and if you first sync/set-up from your local network and then move away and try to connect remotely over the internet it will start giving you messages saying it’s unable to connect or missing.

If you then remove the device (from WD Sync settings) and try to add it remotely, or if you try to first set it up remotely it will simply say that no storage devices were found, even though you are already logged in your MyCloud.com account.

The same thing happens for all our computers running Windows (tested on Windows 7,8.1,10) but we don’t have any problems with our Macs, just like there’s no problem accessing the device from an internet browser or phone app. Only WD Sync on Windows is unable to connect!

I have of course contacted WD support, to get in return that the issue must be with the computer settings, which I would gladly believe if it was not happening to every single computer we have, running Windows.

So if moderators are reading this, I would simply like to ask when should we expect a working version of WD Sync for Windows? The version 2 for Mac is working fine as far as I can tell, why is it taking so long to bring it to Windows?

Can someone prove to me that remote syncing is working on Windows (which is the main reason for our purchase)? or should I just bring back the device for a refund?


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WD Sync DOES work remotely when the My Cloud is properly configured and working for remote access. There are instances where WD Sync isn’t possible from remote locations due to firewall rules at both ends, ISP blocking certain ports, or improperly configured remote access on the My Cloud. The main problem with WD Sync is the lack of options to control various aspects of the program or syncing process.

Many here have chosen to use 3rd party solutions like Free File Sync (http://www.freefilesync.org/) to sync their computer to the My Cloud. The major downside to using any non WD software for remote access, is that configuring remote access becomes more complicated.

Because you bought a My Cloud EX2 Ultra you may want to post to the dedicated EX2 subforum where people more knowledgeable may be able to answer questions or help with specific EX2 Ultra.


I am hoping that WD embraces a native app for owncloud which seems to have a more mature syncing client.

This is not the problem and WD is not doing anything to address the issue.

I have even added WD Sync to the Windows 10 firewall rules. The WD Cloud device is visible in my network places and I can browse to it without issue.

The only problem is with WD Sync.

Bullock mate. I followed the setup as written on the WD site and WD Sync does not work. The device can be browsed to and accessed from the My Cloud app.

If this is a configuration issue then please write a post describing the steps for proper configuration.

What setup did you follow that was written by WD? What is your OS? Are you setting up WD Sync initially while connected to the local network or while in a remote location?

I have no problems syncing to a remote My Cloud (single bay) using the WD Sync software. It appears those with Mac’s (especially those with El Capitan) are having trouble with the WD Sync software.

If the My Cloud you want to sync to is not on your local network then, during the WD Sync software installation you can select “Sign in” that one see’s on the following setup screen. And sign in using your MyCloud.com web portal account login.

If the WD Sync software is already installed then one can change the My Cloud they are syncing too by right clicking on the WD Sync icon on the Windows taskbar, then select “Settings”. From the “Folders” screen you can select “Add Device…” which will bring up a similar screen as to the one shown above. From there select “Sign in” and all My Cloud’s associated with your MyCloud.com web portal account should be shown. Here is an example from my end; The My Cloud listed on the left is on my local network, the My Cloud on the right (denoted by the red arrow) is a family member’s My Cloud 200 miles away.

Using the WD My Cloud Desktop program to access that remote My Cloud, here is the proof that I was able to sync several files from the My Cloud sync folder on my local computer to that remote My Cloud.

If the remote My Cloud doesn’t show up or is not listed then its possible there is a problem with the remote access settings on that My Cloud. Its important to ensure the that in the Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access section the “Connection Status” indicates just “Connected” and not “Connected (Relay connection established)”. If it indicates “Connected (Relay connection established)” then one may have to access their router and enable port forwarding to forward (if the configuration for “Remote Access” is to “Default”) the default remote access ports of 80 and 443 to the My Cloud’s IP address.

Hi there, those are great instructions that I followed to the letter when I set up. Everything worked just fine. Then I went on a trip and found myself 1000 miles away from home. Now I am getting the My Cloud missing error. Unfortunately, I cannot remove and reboot because I am not home. I need files that are on my computer and I cannot retrieve them. Either there is an issue with the software that needs to be resolved or there is a piece missing from those instructions. No matter the case, this device is worthless if it cannot be used as a remote syncing device. My whole purpose for purchasing this was for off-site backup. That is not possible if I have to do resets and reboots all the time to keep the WD Sync working.

Hi all. I am posting to this thread in hopes that someone from WD’s Tier 2 support will contact me. After I left my last message, I was contacted by Tier 2 support. After playing a little phone tag, I finally got a representative who accessed my computer and got my WD Cloud working once again. However, in the proecess of doing that, something was changed and I have not been able to connect my WD Lives to any of my Windows Shares. The six computers on my network are no longer showing. For a couple of days I could only see my WD Cloud visable, not when I try to look at my Windows shares it just actc as if it’s loading and never does. All computers have been reset and so has my router. Please assist.