New/Update: WD Sync for Windows Version 1.1.5731

The new/updated WD Sync for Windows can be downloaded from within the site or from the WD Support Downloads by Product page. If you have any problems or comments about this Windows software please post them below rather than starting a new thread.

WD Sync for Windows

File Size: 8 MB
Version: 1.1.5731
Release Date: 9/28/2015 | Release Notes

Hi, thank you very much for this information, hopefully any user that is looking for this here can find it.

I don’t have local access my drive so I am trying to sync to it remotely. Unfortunately when I try to sign in to view all of my devices I enter the correct login details and nothing happens. The login just pops up asking for the details again. An error message of some sort would be nice.

The My Cloud app works fine (Windows 8.1) so why the issues with the Sync app?

PS.I shutdown the firewall in case that was stopping it but no success.

@Bennor I have nothing but constant problems with the WD Sync product. Constantly having to rebuild the content database to get the sync to work but that only works for a few hours. On another thread it was suggested removing a drive connected to the USB port has resolved the content database issues.

Please share if you have any insight. Customers should not have to spend a lot of time troubleshooting the device. We should be here speaking praise, but I mostly see people having problems.

Applies to WD Sync 1.1.5731

From a few simple tests it seems that WD Sync does not handle well the “move” of a file or a directory from one location to another within the sync’d files structure.

Instead of carrying out a corresponding move on the storage device it…

(a) in the case of a file: uploads the file again to the new location and deletes the file in the original location

(b) in the case of a directory: uploads the entire directory again to the new location and deletes the directory in the original location.

This can be an enormous waste of time and data transfer.

This should be corrected if WD Sync is to be a usable cloud storage solution.

I’ve noticed that scenario too. :frowning: I removed my MyBook 1230 last night and it took hours to rebuild content database, but syncing did not work afterwards. I SSH’d into the unit and noticed in the logs my first drive where I attempted to create a safepoint is still be referenced. Maybe a full wipe and restore would fix my problems, but really? :disappointed:

If WD is monitoring if the NAS cannot handle more than one task at a time it is time for a revision. Add better CPU, spend time validating usage use cases, and thoroughly test any new additions .

I’d like to have one of your products connected to perform nightly safepoint backups; be able to eventually serve media content to smart TV/roku; and have a usable sync product that beats cloud based services (e.g. DropBox, Box, Copy, Drive, OneDrive, etc) and competitor products (e.g. QNAP, Synology, etc).

If that cannot be done, I’ll just purchase a QNAP and use this NAS as a last resort.