WDMyCloud desperately needs this feature added to the OS!

I understand that the WDMyCloud is a low end (budget) cloud device and as such is not a Ferrari when it come to performance. I don’t mind that it takes several minutes to fully populate the Dashboard, or minutes to display the shares. It is slow because it is low powered (read: inexpensive) and so it takes a lot of time to perform routine tasks.

I could fully embrace that premise if the WDMyCloud would at least provide a user indicator message of “busy” or, if you like “working on it”, or a cursor that spins, an hourglass that drains, a spinning disk, or any one of dozens of existing indicators used by most hardware manufacturers.

Come on Western Digital, give us that much needed feature! It would reduce the number of unnecessary resets, power plug pulls and screams of frustration.


FYI, this is a Forum, which all forums are, end user to end user help.
Once in a while you might have a WD tech assisting here but it is not an official channel.

There is another place for actual WD suggestions but I do not know the link for it

There is a dedicated subforum for people to post ideas or enhancements they’d like to see with the My Cloud devices.


Sadly the most you’ll get from WD will be the infamous “Idea Acknowledged”.

If I thought there was even a remote chance that WD would consider making that change I would have posted it in the correct forum.

Unfortunately, with the Windows 10 SMB problems and the general tardiness of the product I may give up on this project.


You could always roll back to a decent operating system, like Windows XP or 7. They don’t give me problems with MyCloud…

Believe me I’ve thought about it. But 3 systems to redact is too much and, overall, I like Win 10. Best UI they have ever produced - well, when you have 40 million beta testers you pretty much better get it right - and I like the look and feel. But, alas, there are bugs and I’m hoping they will quickly solve this SMB problem.


I have Win10 and no issues with it whatsoever. At the same time, I do not depend on any WD apps for anything.