WDMyCloudMirror very very very very slow

Now I am loosing my patience with my WDMyCloudMirror.I am on the latest firmware revision. I have been struggling with this product ever since I bought it 1,5 years ago. It is extremely slow. It takes a minute to connect to it through Finder on my Mac. Opening a folder takes another minute and it does not matter if it is over fixed or WIFI from my Mac. TimeMachine (Backup) has to restart frequently, and if it doesn’t it takes days to complete the new full backup that has to be created for some reason. (probably because my Mac TimeMachine software is giving up waiting for the piece of c-p) Logging onto the dashboard takes minutes, often it times out and I have to redo it. I have stopped all apps on it. No DLNA, No Itunes etc etc. Now I think I am going to buy a NAS of a different brand. I cannot understand how WD continuously get high ratings for their products. Mycloud I had before and that was not good, unfortunately I was fooled into buying the MyCloudMirror. I will not buy another one.

Hi GunnarH,

Slow performance of dashboard occurs when the device is busy or under a load indexing content, performing backups or building thumbnails. You should follow the steps mentioned in the below article in this concern.

Slow My Cloud Dashboard Performance

Hi Brandon
I noticed that the answer pertains to problems when the dashboard is slow but the access times from for ex Finder is ok. The problem I have had almost all the time is that WDMyCloudMirror goes into neverneverland and is slow in regards to everything. After I rebooted it the last time(pulling the plug since the dashboard was non responsive) it has behaved. That was a couple of days ago. It will soon however start misbehaving and then I am almost always looked out of the dashboard before I actually get to investigate anything.
I will however try my best to follow the instructions the next time we are in disagreement on how it should perform. Fyi, I did not have DLNA or iTunes turned on. I did have cloud access on, but I have difficulties in understanding how that can impact the performance since there are no activity from the cloud towards the NAS. Ok, we’ll see how long it takes before I loose my temper the next time.
Best Regards

I have the same problem like GunnarH. The system is in idle mode. To open the dashboard takes approx. 3 Minutes. To change a share name or access right takes 9 minutes. To display the share size of my backup share runs in an endless loop of logging off, signing in, site not responding, … The 40 second reset did not change anything. The file access for some apps is to slow and end with error: devise not available …

I recently upgraded one of my MBPs to Catalina, and I am experiencing this problem. Doesn’t happen with the older version of MacOS, and doesn’t happen when connecting via Windows.

After a reboot, the Dashboard is very quick and responsive, as is the access to data on the drives. However, once I “connect” to a share via Finder in MacOS Catalina, everything slows to a crawl, and when I am able to view the CPU usage via Dashboard, it is usually spiking between 40 and 100% CPU usage.

I feel like MacOS is trying to index the drive for search and doing so in a very disruptive fashion.

Just had the same problem. I was losing my mind on day 30 of the new drive mirror and just started turning everything I could off. And I did a Recycle cleanup.

When I turned off Time Machine, the time remaining dropped from 15 days to 3 hours.

The solution I use (I found it on this forum) is turn off some services in Mycloud = Very Slow Dashboard access on My Cloud Mirror 8TB 2 Gen

  1. SSH root: ssh root@ip_address_of_NAS
    The IP of your NAS IS:
    ssh root@
    The password “IS NOT” the admin password, is the SSH password, you need to enable SSH service first and put the password.
    If you don’t know how to enable SSH = https://support.nordvpn.com/Connectivity/NAS/1133051972/How-to-setup-Western-Digital-MyCloud.htm
    Only do not do the VPN part… here the example is easy to follow up.

Step 2) Stop the bastards:
On the command line please copy and paste this commands:

/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop
/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop
/etc/init.d/wdnotifierd stop
/etc/init.d/wddispatcherd stop
killall crond
drive_sleep.sh off
sleep 1
drive_sleep.sh on
hd_standby.sh 5

*** In my case the command “drive_sleep.sh on” does not work for me… in any case I put it.

Some NOTES to read:

Run this script after turning on your Cloud access even if you had ran it before turning on cloud access. It is a constant fight with the OS now because it starts up the scans every time you start up Cloud access, or turning on or off Cron and so on. For some reason WD turns the scans back on when you are not looking.

So just run the script whenever you make any changes to the dashboard. I do have Cloud access on for my Cloud drives so I can access it on the road. You can actually turn on Cloud access just by accessing it from the Cloud app but you have to be on Wifi to do this. Once you do this, run the script again to turn off the scans. You will still have cloud access but you won’t have thumbnails which is okay… really… because half the time you won’t get thumbnails anyways even with the scans and the reason is … just because its a WD App.

Once in awhile, I would turn off sleep so I can watch movies without the drive going to sleep. Don’t run the script when you do this. However once you are done with movie night, you can then turn on sleep from the dashboard, then SSH into the device and navigate through

Other note posted by some one else say the root couse of the problem is this:

So if your WD NAS is torturously sloooow, the hard drives spin ever and ever,
your web admin interface does not load in “minutes” and when it does you can brew
a fresh irish cream latte and also drink it while navigating from one page to another,
if your CPU utilization is around 50%-90% ALL THE TIME, then what you’ll read here
might help you.

The root cause of all these issues is that WD Cloud attempts to index all the images
on your hard drive and create thumbnails for them — If you are an average Joe who
uploads a bunch of family photos, that’s no big deal. — But if you are like me,
who have mostly front-end-related projects, digital design, and artwork, that has
been accumulated over the last 15 years; that indexing process can take YEARS to complete.

Bye hope help you…