WDMyCloudMirror very very very very slow


Now I am loosing my patience with my WDMyCloudMirror.I am on the latest firmware revision. I have been struggling with this product ever since I bought it 1,5 years ago. It is extremely slow. It takes a minute to connect to it through Finder on my Mac. Opening a folder takes another minute and it does not matter if it is over fixed or WIFI from my Mac. TimeMachine (Backup) has to restart frequently, and if it doesn’t it takes days to complete the new full backup that has to be created for some reason. (probably because my Mac TimeMachine software is giving up waiting for the piece of c-p) Logging onto the dashboard takes minutes, often it times out and I have to redo it. I have stopped all apps on it. No DLNA, No Itunes etc etc. Now I think I am going to buy a NAS of a different brand. I cannot understand how WD continuously get high ratings for their products. Mycloud I had before and that was not good, unfortunately I was fooled into buying the MyCloudMirror. I will not buy another one.


Hi GunnarH,

Slow performance of dashboard occurs when the device is busy or under a load indexing content, performing backups or building thumbnails. You should follow the steps mentioned in the below article in this concern.

Slow My Cloud Dashboard Performance


Hi Brandon
I noticed that the answer pertains to problems when the dashboard is slow but the access times from for ex Finder is ok. The problem I have had almost all the time is that WDMyCloudMirror goes into neverneverland and is slow in regards to everything. After I rebooted it the last time(pulling the plug since the dashboard was non responsive) it has behaved. That was a couple of days ago. It will soon however start misbehaving and then I am almost always looked out of the dashboard before I actually get to investigate anything.
I will however try my best to follow the instructions the next time we are in disagreement on how it should perform. Fyi, I did not have DLNA or iTunes turned on. I did have cloud access on, but I have difficulties in understanding how that can impact the performance since there are no activity from the cloud towards the NAS. Ok, we’ll see how long it takes before I loose my temper the next time.
Best Regards