Completely disappointed with WDMYCLOUD product, Excruciatingly slow, poor UI, Cant simply use it!

Dear WD,

I love your hard drives and have been a customer for a very long time.  With that faith I bought WDMyCloud 3TB drive.

What a big mistake. I am utterly disappointed with the hardware and the software for managing the files.  First, I am almost sitting next to my router so wireless txfer rate is very high.  WDMycloud is connected to the router and have a 2TB USB drive as well. List of issues that is driving me nuts…  ve

  1. File manager WDMycloudApp is completely bogus.  It does not provide feedback on the copy progress.  I have no clue when it will end.  Many times for big directory transfers it says complete, but when I check the files many of them got missed out with out indicating any sort of errors ???  I lost faith completely to count on this app to take care of my business.

  2. Copying files over the wifi is extremely slow and I do not have time to baby sit the **bleep** thing for hours to complete even for 2 or 3 GB file transfers???

  3. Txfer between the connected USB to the WDMycloud device takes for ever.  I thought this should be lightning fast ???

  4. List can go on and on for ever. From the app I cant even say what is the size of a Directory ???  Come on .  How do I know whether a high level directory is copied correctly???  Individual file sizes are the only one displayed.  Entire directory structure comes on the left side of the panel.  Only the leaf files are seen on the right panel ???

I do not see that I can use this product any more.  It is going to be in the recycled bin soon.  Is there a way to get back the money from WD?  It has been more than 2 or 3 months now.

Are there any workarounds or tricks to make this work better?.  I know SSH exists and come on, for this I could have bought a linux machine and I know that work a lot better than this.  I was so excited when WD announced this product and told many of my friends to buy this as well.

Unhappy customer.

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  1.  So you’re doing all of this remotely, right?   If not, you wouldn’t be using the My Cloud App?

  2.  Why do people blame a system which is NOT WIFI for slow WiFi speeds?

  3.  I don’t know why you’re having an issue here…  I just copied 1.5TB off my cloud to a USB3 external drive and it took about 8 hours total.  That’s an average of 50-55 Mbytes/second… plenty fast.

You did not say if you are using a Windows or Apple computer.

I am using Windows 7 SP1 on my Desktop and Laptop. The following images were taken on my Desktop while using the Desktop My Cloud App. I did a drag and drop to the Share folder. See images below. As you can see this should only take about 30 minutes and is ongoing while I write this reply.




I am also one of those who is very happy with the My Cloud.

My suggestion for you is, download all the User Manuals and read them along with all the Help information that is provided in the Dashboard, Smartware and Knowledge Base, etc.

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cat0w (USA)

There is a handful of posters who regularly tell how perfect their MyCloud works.

Their posting is never deemed inappropriate, irrelevant or repetitive, even when they repeat
the inappropriate suggestion to read the docu and so on.

There are a few hundred dissatisfyed customers here and if one of them repeatedly posts critical opinion his postings get deleted and later he will be banned.

The logic of the moderators is assymetric and often very far fetched.

Eli (Greece)

Why is my posting innapropriate my cloud works fine I understand how to use it and I have a descent router with fast ports.  Most people in the same situation as me would also have no problem with it and I am happy with the job it is doing. I am also willing to help anyone who does have an issue if they provide details the same as others in this forum to the forum.

Reply to: Eli_Tsigantes

Why suggest reading the User Manuals and other helpful information? Because a lot of answers are already in that information.


I downloaded and read all the information before I ever picked up my My Cloud from Best Buy. I am not asking anyone to do something that I haven’t already done myself. Often I have already found the answer and provide the link to the information and what chapter and page it can be found on.


Knowing what type of device a person is using and the operating system helps out too. The more information provided about a persons network setup the easier it is to try and help solve the problem.


If someone wants to know more about my network setup, just ask. I will be glad to provide the information. Everything I have setup on my network is compatible.


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cat0w (USA)


I am on a new MACbook Pro. I have had MyCloud for about 6 months and I am mostly happy but would really like to know if I can do a Keyword Search for files?   It doesn’t appear to be possible with the app. ?

Cnote: you’re correct. The app doesn’t have search capability,


TonyPh12345 is correct to highlight the application does not feature a search function at the time. However, improvements are always considered based on consumer feedback and the Ideas Labs section in the WD Community. If this has been previously suggested then including your vote will allow for more exposure.

If you are open to alternatives, consider using Windows File Explorer with a powerful copy util called Teracopy for your Mycloud file management functions.  Besides being faster than Windows Copy, Teracopy allows multiple simultaneous file streams (each of which can be paused/resumed independently), as well as adding/removing/reordering files from a stream on-the-fly.  Available in freeware or pro versions.  If do quite a bit of file management myself every day on the Mycloud, and consider Teracopy indispensible. It is the copy util MS should have included in Windows. HTH…