It is WDMyCloud and not Windows 10

At first (several weeks ago) I was blaming Windows 10 for the sluggish response from my WDMyCloud 2TB but after these many weeks and the recent firmware update, my WDMyCloud has the response speed of a 1993 IBM PC. It takes a full 1 minute for the dashboard to appear, two more minutes to fill in the details and a full minute to fetch the details of my (single) safepoint. When I select any of my other network (gigabit LAN) devices the response (even using Windows 10) is fast. Trying to list the folders and files in the WDMyCloud takes minutes - sometimes more than 5 minutes.

I’m stumped. I’m frustrated.

Love the device; hate the performance.

Hi, did the slow performance started after a firmware update? Have reset the drive? Do you have media server and remote access enabled?

Short answer; yes, yes, yes and yes.

My WDMyCloud is taking a ‘time out’. I have removed it from service. I am using an Windows drive shared on my net hosted by Serviio Pro for my DLNA services.

I had a light bulb moment when I realized that all my WDMyCloud data was already sitting on an NTFS drive - the Safepoint drive connected the the WDMyCloud.

I’m very sad to have taken such a severe action but I was unable to accomplish anything that used the cloud drive (and that is almost everything I do).

I’m waiting for a answer or a miracle.

Apparently a miracle occurred before the WD support folks had an answer! :sunglasses:

I’m totally mystified but after disconnecting the box completely from my network, I received a email from WD support asking me to allow them to discuss this issue in a phone call (a very kind moderator had contacted me requesting permission to escalate the problem to support). I agreed and set a time for the support call. In order to be able to diagnose the issues I, of course, had to reinstall my WDMyCloud. I did and **** WTF? **** it started working like a racehorse. Color me confused.

Anyway, the support people failed to call at the appointed hour so I just left everything as I had reinstalled it (in a temporary location and hooked behind a managed switch instead of the router).

Because I started to doubt my sanity vis-a-vis the orginal problem I went back through my copious note and found an additional piece of data that I think proves that it was the WDMyCloud device and not Windows 10 and not my gigabit LAN; I noticed that the nightly Setpoint backup was running more than 1 hour on those days when I had this severe slowdown of access whereas now (and before this all started) the nightly backup would take about 6 to 10 minutes!!! And this is without adding or deleting any data from the storage.

Is it the WDMyCloud? I think so.

More news at 11 (after I run the crap out of this box).

Oops - I guess they don;t allow the word **** in case it’s related to their gear. It wasn’t in this case. Sorry.

Hi, I’m glad to read that the drive is working as intended.When you said that you had to reinstall the My Cloud, What do you mean?

I didn’t do any software updates, I just moved it to a different location and plugged it in.

That is extremely weird. Did you use a different cable, switch or router on the new location?

Yes, it is now sitting behind a manage switch but I’m 100% certain that this change in network location is not the reason it’s now functioning well. I had previously moved it to this location and back to the gateway router and also behind an unmanaged switch - in all cases it was slow.

This morning, we’re slow again! [EDIT] Almost dead would be a better analysis!

I never power down the WDMyCloud and I have disabled SLEEP mode, so the WDMyCloud should be instantly ready and at normal speed. So my first check was the LOG to see what happened last night during the Setpoint update. The normal time required to update the setpoint backup in my environment is 6 to 10 minutes. Here’s last night’s LOG line:

Event time:10-31-2015 01:42:23 AM

Since the Setpoint update kicks off at 1:00 AM, it took 42 minutes to do the update; nearly 4 times longer than normal. Now, I see no reason for the WDMyCloud to be dependent upon my network during a backup it seem fair to assume the slowness is strictly internal to the WDMyCloud.

Am I paranoid or are there gremlins in my WDMyCloud/Windows 10 setup?

[One Hour Later]

I finally gave up waiting for the Dashboard to open so I pulled the power on the WDMyCloud - I hate doing this because of all the obvious damage one can do to the data.

That did the trick. It is unfortunate that WD did not include a power off switch to allow a safe reboot when you can’t reach the Dashboard.

[After a reboot]
After the power off reboot, I did a soft reboot (from the Dashboard) and now the WDMyCloud is once again a racehorse!

It sure would be nice to get some feedback on why this device suddenly becomes slow.