Bad news for WDMyCloud Windows 10 users?

I’m trying not to be a Chicken Little, but today my Windows 10 & WDMyCloud combo suddenly went south again. It looked like the network was running on molasses it was that slow! This is exactly the problem I was facing recently when the November Windows 10 update was shoved onto us. I had managed to restore life to my network last week by reloading Windows 10 but now it’s gone again.

The only significant change I made yesterday was to switch my DLNA software server (Serviio) off of my local backup and back to the WDMyCloud. ??? I uninstalled that package and it seems that we have restored normal speeds.

My thought is that this software (Serviio) is checking the status of the library so often that the WDMyCloud is too busy for normal file access from Windows (SMB services).

If anyone else has a similar setup and similar slow WDMyCloud issues please see if you can confirm my results.

As a side note, I found that mapping the drive in Windows 10 results is slower response and thru-put from the WDMyCLoud vs. creating a network share. Odd?


See this thread and read Gramps comment near the end of thread. It’s a Microsoft issue (of course!)