.wdmc folders created when Remote feature activated. Shouuld be when Media Server activated

I have a sad issue:  If I want to use remote access on my WD MyCloud2, I have to put up with WD creating .wdmc folders anywhere there is a media image.  Shouldn’t that be a feature to activate with Media Server and not remote server?

Why is this an issue?

When (ie) a JPG image is copied to the NAS, WD’s software creates an extra file in the .wdmc folder.  There new files are created in a sub folder (Transcoded_Files) of the .wdmc folder and a long hex string is appended to the name.

Problem is:  these long paths and filenames are problematical for backup software especially where there may be a long path to begin with.

WD:  Are you listening?  attach the create .wdmc feature to the Media Server option and not to the Remote Server option so I can remote into my server.

FYI, there is a way to get rid of the (in my case) thousands of .wdmc folders, but not while in the WD enclosure, and it takes a bit of “black magic”…