.wdmc i want them GONE!

Hi all!

After a quick Google search i could see that a whole bunch of people have the same problem as i have.

I cant delete folders from my WDMycloud EX2 just because of these files. It looks like its some sort of thumbnail in the folder but i really dont need them as i have dont use the cloud function or any mediafunctions at all.

The biggest problems isnt the folder itself, but the fact that i cant delete the freaken folder its in.

So, is there anyone that could point me in a direction that doesnt involve programming skills, using a mac or using the wd cloud app?

Hello There, welcome to the community.

As far as i know the .wdmc folder are part of the media server and remote access, I believe that if you turn them off you should be able to remove them from the drive.

It is not hard to remove them - the issue is to stop them getting rebuilt - I haven’t yet found a way to do this - short of turing off media sharing whcih I presume would work.

The command (via SSH) “find . -type d -name .wdmc” will find all directories called .wdmc under the current directory.

You will find that the .wdmc directories all contain jpegs.

It’s easy enough to remove all the .wdmc directores and their contents with a command like:

find . -type d -name “.wdmc” -exec rm -r “{}” ;

As I said this will remove all the directories but they will be rebuild by the unit.

I have used this command to remove the .wdmc directories on my Mac which have replicated from the NAS during my synchronisation runs - and I have made sure that I no longer synchronise the .wdmc dircetories from the NAS.  Which solves the problem for me.