Wdmc hidden files...how do I delete them

Whenever I download anything over the net I get a ton of hidden files and thumbnails that create a lot of clutter and appear to create thrashing within the EX4 I have.

First, how do I stop that from happening and secondly how do I delete those that are on the drive now?

Hi jgpike, welcome to the WD Community. These files are meant to be created by the EX4 and can only be viewed when the option to see hidden files and folders is selected. 

Hate to sound naive, but I don’t want or need them.  When I perform searches it’s bringing up thumbnails that I don’t even want.  If I want to delete a folder after it’s been set up I can’t because there are hidden files in it.

I didn’t have this problem in the past…it only seemed to have started in the last couple months.

Based on my surfing of this forum these files are created when cloud is turned on…Turning off stops the creation of these files. What it does not do is eliminate the existing .wdmc directories that it did create. In the forum there is a description showing how to eliminate but because of the firmware update some of the commands no longer work. Maybe someone can explain the proper porcedure step by step now with the new firmware?  Thanks