What is a .wdmc file

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I am getting this .wdmc file being generated at every folders when I copy folder to my WD

 problem now is when I try to delete my folder … they won’t let me do it,

what is the use of this .wdmc file.?

can stop it from generating this file?

Also how can I now delete my unwanted files?


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okay saw this thread


but there dont seem to be an answer to it…

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another thread but basically it is very technical for dumb guy like me…


I think this started after I updated the new firmware…

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Need to delete some folder but with this .wdmc file inside the folder,
I just can’t removed it…


See if the following link helps.


As a recommendation, contact WD Support for direct assitance on this case.

WD Contact info:


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Thank for the link but the link does not tell one how to delete .
It only said why this file is generated…its a open thread…no info are inside…I had been searching this forum and also been googling… It seem that WD is not even bother by user anguish…
Cuz this question is posted for sometime…


Contact WD Support for direct assitance on this case…

WD Contact info:


The .wdmc folders are generated by the Cloud Services (remote access) – it contains thumbnails and stuff for the Twonky Server as well as the My Cloud mobile apps.

The fact that you can see it is a bug – the fact that it’s there is not.

@Tony… Thanks for the info
Whether I can see or not is not the issue
The main issue lies in the deletion of the folder that this .wdmc resides in.
I have now many folders that I can’t del cuz of this file.

No promises, but I found a work-around that helped me get rid of all those stupid empty folders behing locked in place by that hidden .wdmc file.  Hopefully it will work for you too - or at least help you devise a method that works for you.

First, I opened the folder in Windows Explorer (on my Windows 8.1 machine).

Next, I created a new folder called “(DeleteMe)”.  The parentheses are there so it stays on top when sorted.

After that, I moved all the folders that could not be deleted into that folder.  Don’t ask me why I can MOVE but not DELETE.

Finally, I used the WD My Cloud app to delete the “(DeleteMe)” folder, taking along the rest of the **bleep** folders (and their .wdmc files).

Not an ideal solution, but at least it got rid of the **bleep**.  I suspect that WDMC is Western Digital Media Center or something like that, as the folders contain transcoded files - which makes no sense, since I don’t use it as a media center and have turned off all media services I can find.  I suspect it’s another case of the devices trying to “help” and getting in the way.  Makes me think Microsoft was involved in the development.  :slight_smile:

Anyway, hope it helps.

  • AzDayton Sat. 02/28/2015 @ 17:47:24

Thank AzDayton, well thought process…
I also found the Mac can delete this folder though it cannot see this wdmc file.
So I rename the folder to 1Mac2del… And it appears at the top…

I did what you outlined and it worked. How do I prevent this from happening again, ie stop transcodong of files. Thanks for you response.

It is not hard to remove them - the issue is to stop them getting rebuilt - I haven’t yet found a way to do this - short of turning off media sharing which I presume would work.

The command (via SSH) “find . -type d -name .wdmc”

This will find all directories called .wdmc under the current directory. You will find that the .wdmc directories all contain jpegs.

It’s easy enough to remove all the .wdmc directores and their contents with a command like:

find . -type d -name “.wdmc” -exec rm -r “{}” ;

As I said this will remove all the directories but they will be rebuild by the unit. I have used this command to remove the .wdmc directories on my Mac which have replicated from the NAS during my synchronisation runs - and I have made sure that I no longer synchronise the .wdmc dircetories from the NAS. Which solves the problem for me.

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How do you remove the .wdmc hidden file and the trancoded_files folder but keep the contents, from most posts on this forum to which I’ve read, those want to delete the folder.  I want to extract the files that are transcoded out of this hidden .wdmc folder ?