WDBCTL0040HWT-10 - WiFi connection?

I have a WDBCTL0040HWT-10 My Cloud unit. Because of a recent move, I can no longer connect to the internet via CATT-5. I have not been able to figure out how to connect via WiFi. Can it be done and if so, how? I just upgraded to OS5.

The My Cloud units are network attached storage devices (NAS). They do not have embedded or built in Wifi capability. You will likely need to buy or use a wireless router that includes Ethernet networking ports, or use a wireless access point or similar that includes a Ethernet networking port. Or if one has a computer with an Ethernet port one can connect the My Cloud directly to their computer using an Ethernet cable. One can buy a USB 3.0/USB-C to Ethernet adapter as a way to connect to a My Cloud if one’s computer doesn’t have a Ethernet port.

Thank you for your reply Bennor. I appreciate it.
We built our home a year ago, so I expected it to be wired correctly. I looked closer today and I found something that I need to contact the electrician about. There are a couple of CATT-5E cables running from the utility room (where the router is and they are plugged into) into the house and the connectors used are Ethernet connectors. One of those cables goes to the room where I have my computer, but instead of an Ethernet wall plate, he used a regular phone plate and only used 4 wires to hook it up. As I said, I need to call him and see what is going on.

To your last point, I am using an Ethernet cable coming from the back of the unit to an Ethernet/USB adaptor and it is plugged into a USB port that is directly connected to my LT. That connection allows me to see the unit, but it does not see the WiFi that the LT is linked up to.
Also, when I connect a USB cable to the unit and the LT, it does not even recognize it. ???
Thanks for your thoughts,

Generally most broadband providers will provide equipment (modem’s for example) that has at least one Ethernet port that allows a computer or wireless router to be connected to it for broadband access. One should review the equipment provided by the broadband provider to see if it has at least one local network Ethernet port, or contact the broadband provider and inquire about how to connect Ethernet network devices to their equipment.

The USB port on the My Cloud is generally for attaching USB external hard drives not for making a direct USB connection to your computer or other devices.

One will typically need to adjust their computer’s network port settings to “bridge” one network port to another. In your case bridge the USB to Ethernet adapter to the laptop’s WiFi adapter so when you connect the My Cloud to the USB/Ethernet adapter it can then pass network traffic through the “bridge” to the WiFi adapter. You will have to do some internet searching to see if you can bridge the computer’s WiFi adapter to the USB to Ethernet adapter. For example on Windows:

Thank you. That gives me an idea. A WiFi extender would have Ethernet ports. That would work, wouldn’t it?