WD80EFAX 81.00A81 firmware runs hotter


I have a Synology DS1817+ NAS that currently has 8 WE80EFAX drives.

The drives with firmware version 81.00A81 consistently run 4-6 degrees C hotter than the drives with firmware 83.H0A83.

And related to this - which is the “current” firmware and is it possible to update the other drives to this current firmware? It seems like random chance which firmware the drives have - I bought two of these drives a week ago and one drive has the 81.00A81 firmware and the other has 83.H0A83.


Additional information. The drives with the 81.00A81 firmware all have serial numbers beginning VAG, while the 83.H0A83 firmware is in drives with serial numbers beginning 7H or 7S.

Different manufacturing facilities, one of which has an older firmware load?


And even more additional information. Pulling the drives out and looking at them, the drives with serial numbers beginning VAG look like “traditional” WD drives. The 7S & 7H drives look like HGST drives.

And, in fact, the 7S drives have identical power ratings to 7200 rpm HGST drives - 0.4A @ 5V and 0.55A @12V

The VAG drives have power ratings of 0.7A @ 5V and 0.9A @ 12V - nearly double.

And finally, the model numbers are different.

The VAG drives are WR80EFAX-68KNBN0 while the 7S drives are WR80EFAX-68LNPN0

Given the difference in potential power draw (although that’s hopefully maximum power draw) it would seem that different models of WR80EFAX drives pull more power and have higher idle temperatures.

Too bad it’s not possible to order the “low power” drives explicitly. I have 6 of these drives, ordered in pairs from different retailers and I have ended up with 3 of each model.