Problem with wd black

have an wd4001faex–00 mjr. but there is some strange noice from the hdd. so i meybe i should try to update the firmware??

01.01l01 think i have this be sure where on hdd i this writen?

so enything i could do? this noice is not good at all

serialnumber: [Deleted]

are there a new firmware???

and it gets verry hot

It sounds like the drive is failing. I’d immediately copy important data before it’s to late.


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but are there possible to update to firmware on this?

If the a drive is making strange noises and getting hot it’s probably getting ready to fail. I wouldn’t waste time on a firmware update it won’t help. I’d use the drive as little as possible and move the data off immediately.


i know. but i still have varranty on it. and i would like to bay a another drive just like it.

so i would realy like to know how this is done… thanks for all the help. 

I am unable to find reference to firmware updates for the FAEX series. Do you have information that an update is available? In general, such things should only be considered if there is a specific issue which an update is supposed to address.


i am now considering WD Desktop Green 4TB
SATA 6Gb/s, (SATA 3.0), RPM = IntelliPower, 64MB, 3.5"

 eny known problem with this? regarding noices and this that should not be there…

eny kind of firmware of this hdd i should not bay?  i now that some hdd  with certen  firmwares have more problems that other

specaly older hdd 

Hi everyone I just got a WD 3tb mybook external, but when reading and writing it gives some kind of noice like the hard drives of old computers do.  Is that normal?