WD Red 8TB runs hot

I’m upgrading my NAS (Synology 4-bay) from 6TB Reds to 8TB Reds. I’ve already RMA’ed one 8TB Red Drive back to WD and the one they sent me is running hot too. By running hot, I mean so hot that the Synology shuts down for protection. Since I’m swapping one 6 tb for an 8 tb, it has to rebuild the array every time I put in one of those new 8tb’s.

Hot in this case means 45-46C while all other drives in the box run 38-40C all the time. I do notice the firmware of the lone 8TB red that runs 38-40 is newer that the hot ones.

Are these Red 8TB supposed to run this hot and what can be done ?

The Synology shuts down because a drive is at 46C? Odd.

46C is not “hot” by any stretch of the imagination.

The specifications for the drive say 65C is the limit.

I have two QNAP 4-bay NASes, all full with 8TB Reds (WD80EFZX).

When I logged in just now, the primary NAS was finishing a RAID scrub and the drives are between 48 and 51C.

The Standby QNAP was averaging 42C on drives.

The fans on both were at low speed. The QNAPs won’t allow a setpoint for the fan to run at a higher speed unless the temperature is more than 45C, meaning that 45 is not considered “hot” by QNAPs definition, either.

So if your Synology is shutting down at those temperatures, I suspect it has a problem.

I would say “Yes,” and as far as what can be done, maybe your Synology can be configured to run the fans at higher speed?

I have the fans set to run full speed but I havent verified that they are both running. While I was trying to get the raid rebuild done because it shutting down on it’s own was making this more difficult, I plugged a USB fan into the USB port and pointed it to the back of the unit, so it could “assist” the built-in fans. It helped to allow me to get the rebuild “done” so I could take out the hot drive and get it RMA’ed.

Looks like I need to put in a ticket with Synology and see if there is a way I can get the shutdown temp moved up higher.

Thanks for the comments.

Looks like I discovered the issue. I put in a ticket with Synology and they responded with a request to upload the logs. After doing that, I looked through them myself. While I never saw it get higher than 46C, apparently the log showed that the NAS box shutdown twice after reaching 61C. Fortunately, I got that drive out and RMA’ed back to WD. The replacement does run a few degrees higher than the 6TB, but never has gone higher than 44C - again thanks for your input.