What are the usual temperatures of your WD Red drives?

I’m sorry if this is an old topic, but just out of curiosity and to get a general idea of things, could I know what are the usual temperatures (ambient, idle and operating) that you guys get from the WD Reds or Blues, or from other brands like HGST or Seagate drives in your NAS?

My ambient room temperature hovers around the 30s Celsius in the tropics, and the Red 4TB idles at about 50C and gets up to around 58C while operating in pairs. Using a USB fan drastically brings it down to around 40C when idle. Swapping out the 4TB for a Red 1TB (less platters and block mass) results in a 47C idle and 55C operating temperature without a fan. Does anyone else have the same results like mine? Thanks!


According to the documentation of the unit, are:

Temperature (°C)
Operating 0 to 65
Non-operating -40 to 70

You shouldn’t have any problems with the environment that you are describing.