Alert: System Under Temperature


I recently switched from a mechanical WD RED drive to a WD RED SSD drive in my WDCloud EX 2 NAS system.

Eversince I did this change, I get the same message alert/email over and over about “Alert: System Under Temperature” Code:002 and the RED LED is currently blinking.

Obviously this is not the case as ambient temp is 21C and steady.

Any clues on how to solve this issue?

I understand SSDs are cooler than HDD but makes no sense at all!!


Are SSD even on the approved list ?

may need new NAS firmware to read the SSD SMART data ??

Isnt it complaining of the SYSTEM temperature, not the hard drive temperature? What’s SMART data to do here?

What’s that approved list you mention? I couldnt find it for this particular NAS. In fact they sell WD RED SSDs but don’t mention SSD’s anywhere.

Anyhow it’s clearly a fw glitch as the system works as intended, just misshandling the temperature sensor information…

…unless I’m wrong of course.

BTW its been like 5 days since I submitted a support ticket and no reply yet, was expecting a bit more from a company like WD… :frowning: