SSD - under temperature


when using a (samsung) SSD, the system constantly throws “under temperature” alarms and shows disk temp. of 0 degrees.
After some research, this might be because the temperature is not stored in smart data field 194 but
in field 190 which is not read.
I found a description how to fix this when hddtemp is used, but unfortunately this is not the case.
Did someone run into the same issue and was able to fix this ?

I have the same issue. I purchased the My Cloud EX2 Ultra enclosure yesterday to use as an iTunes server and started to get under temp warnings almost immediately.

I have two 1tb Sandisk SSD Plus drives mounted on adapters and inserted into the drive enclosure. the model is Model SDSSDA-1T00. I want to use SSDs as the have no moving parts and will run all day as music servers.

I looked at the error log and it tells me the temp of drive 1 and drive 2 cannot be read. Then it gives the low temp warning.

Will this affect the operation of the drive? Will it shut down due to low temps warnings?


As far as I can say it neither affects operation nor will it shut down.
The only annoying thing (beside the error message) is the red blinking LED…
Hopefully WD include the additional smart data field in a future firmware update, but I rather think one has to buy a “SSD capable NAS” instead…

I called the tech support yesterday, as well as opening a case online. The tech on the support line said the low temp would not shut the system down. It’s been running for 24 hours now with no problems.

I agree the flashing red light is annoying. The NAS is not in my line of sight when I’m in the same room, and I just set a cup in front of it for additional screening. :slightly_smiling_face:

What peeves me more than a little bit is the SSD drives are Sandisk, which WD owns! You’d think they’d make these things compatible with their own SSDs,

I played music from it for about 8 hours yesterday without a problem. I’m happy to be able to sit near it when I’m working and not hear drives clicking away.