DX4000 (4TB) version - fans always at 2200RPM

Hi there…

I’m hoping this is something simple.

I’ve got one of these at work (same version), one at home and one with a client (16TB version).

My home unit runs :-

Enclosure   38ºC

CPU 1         48ºC
CPU 2         46ºC

Fan           2246 RPM

The other two though…

Enclosure   48ºC

CPU 1         65ºC
CPU 2         68ºC

Fan           1086 RPM

(or thereabouts)

I’m happy mine is running cool(er) obviously… but it’s probably noisier than it needs to be.

I have changed the DIMM in my home one, so everyone will probably blame that, but i’m not so sure. I believe the voltages are the same, so I now have a 4GB SO-DIMM in there (Kingston).

I moved it within the room it’s in on to a shelf, but it’s still got excellent ventilation.

Anything obvious I can check? All updates (software and Windows) are done.

Are both 16tb?

Are both at the same firmware level?

The one with the faster fans is cooler :)  How you do dat?

All three have no updates remaining (except the Windows ones from this patch Tuesday just gone).

2 of the units are 4TB versions (though i’ve added another disk) and one is the 16TB.

Like I say… the only differences between them is that i’ve added a drive and changed my SO-DIMM for a 4GB module… But i don’t believe it’s that.

No I mean in the dashboard>Monitor>Software updates

WD Specific

Yeah… I know what you mean mate…

They all say

Current Software Version

No updates available.


Well that is what I was looking for, but not the answer I wanted LOL

I was pondering if diff firmware levels would cause the fans.  I suppose you could swap the ram just to see, but I don’t think that is it.  Saddly my section is broke, so I don’t know here to poke.

Oddly (as well)…

I’d wondered if anyone knew about this…

My work one (4TB, quiet fan) – has   “Software Update Complete” written across the front. I’ve powered it down (via Windows) several times and rebooted it a few times too… nothing makes a difference to it. I can press the button on it and it will display it’s IP etc, but it always reverts back to SUC on the front. Then on my home one (the one with the noisy fan) – and this might be something to do with it. It says “Drive Count 0” if I cycle through the buttons on the front of this one. Although it works beautifully.

Well for the msg if you go into alerts on the dashboard and delete or ignore the msg it will go away.

So is it possible you purchsed some with the latest and greatest and upgraded others, or was the firmware update done on all 3

All have the same firmware as far as I can tell. The 2x 4TB’s have been updated by me, whereas the brand new 16TB version had it anyway.

I’ve silenced that message now, so thanks for that.

I shut down my 4TB one last night (the reason for this post) Unplugged it… rebooted it, it initialises ok, loads the OS … goes quiet and then after a minute or two it just starts to get louder and stays like that. Still says Drive Count 0 too.


Do me a flavor and look at the date on the one with the loud fan for me and let me know if it is correct.


Firmware date? or Windows (system) date?

windows system, bottom right taskbar