WD8001PURP has a 'clunk-clunk about every 10 seconds


Purchased Thursday, delivered & installed yesterday, an upgraded Purple Pro 8TB @ 0945am (replacing the original Purple HDD). Today the DVR ‘rebooted’ (after slightly more than 1 day in service) with an error code 0x04. It also (since it’s install) has this slightly audible clunk-clunk like the heads are sequencing just about every ten seconds or so. I was familiar with the old ‘click of death’ clicking sound but this cluck clunk sounds more like the drive is searching (just doing it about every ten seconds). The DVR is a Lorex D841 series 4K 8 camera system with currently 7 cameras installed. It was first activated (turned on with 4 cameras) on 26 June with its OEM 2TB WD Purple drive. Before this morning’s ‘reboot’ by the DVR (found when seeing the blue screen that pops up while it is starting up telling me the cameras are coming online and if there is motion detected), the new hdd was just making that clunk-clunk sound (again barely audible).

I researched the Purple and the Purple Pro over the past few weeks (the 2 TB drive had too short of a record history, and the 10TB is the maximum size recommended for the DVR). NOTE: PRIOR SENTENCE EDITED. THE MAXIMUM SIZE WAS LATER FOUND TO BE 10TB FOR THE D841 DVR, NOT 8 AS ORIGINALLY MENTIONED. After comparing the specifications, I decided on the Pro since it had a better mtbf and seemed more robust. My concerns are the reboot, flag, and the clunk clunk (but) am not versed on these ‘security’ drives. Is this pattern of clunks a part of the normal operation of the drive OR is this the ‘new’ version of a ‘click of death;’ that used to plague IDE drives years past.

Update: Dang it, as I was composing this, the system ‘rebooted’ again with the flag 0x04. Again, I found it when looking at the monitor screen and seeing that bootup screen going through the cameras. This isn’t ‘normal’, as the original 2 TB Purple never did this running 24/7. Advice PLEASE?


EDITED, seems this thing has a problem. It ‘rebooted’ again. Not interested in what the ‘log’ says this time, am reinstalling the 2TB Purple OEM drive. This actually s u c k s!


Hi @PurplePro8TB,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:


Have only contacted Lorex tech support so far, until I make sure the DVR is 100% (thereby reducing it to the drive), I’ll hold off on contacting WD support until I have that part eliminated. I have not even registered the drive yet. About the clunk-clunk, should the drive be ‘searching’ approximately every ten seconds like that? I use the term ‘searching’ because it sounds more like the heads arm is ‘searching’ limit to limit. As I posted, I have had many years ago, that dreaded ‘click of death’, this isn’t a click click, it is a clunk-clunk (unless that is the latest click of death symptom?). Today I will be switching the system DVR to an ‘out-of-the-box’ brand new backup DVR. IF that DVR does the same thing, I will think it is in fact the drive causing it & not the DVR.

Final note, the 2TB Purple hasn’t rebooted nor made any sound higher than the whooshing of the system cooling fan. 3 days on now, no problems. Does anyone think it could be the Pro is too much of a drive for the simple DVR (conflict of the drives F/W)? I would think not but this is our first security camera system.

Update, a backup (second) DVR (latest model) was hooked up to the system and initialized. This system then worked flawlessly on its installed Seagate Skyhawk 2TB security drive, for quite a while before ‘upgrading’ to the Purple Pro 8TB drive (third one). The same result, clunk-clunk (like the heads are swinging back and forth) approximately ten second intervals and system ‘rebooting’ with error code 0x04. Something is very wrong with this paring of the Lorex DVR’s and the 8TB WD drives. I will also mention the original DVR was cleared (by the operating manual) for up to a 10TB drive so I am glad I purchased an 8TB (because the newer DVR latest model just swapped in) was only verified to an 8TB drive. The main difference I mention this statement is beneficial, is that the drive should be working in BOTH DVRs without these errors (noise, faults, and rebooting).

Lorex technical support has determined (and I agree), that eliminating the Lorex DVR’s because two separate systems are having the same issue with the latest 8TB WD security drive. These drives are for the most part plug and play. They all demonstrated this behavior immediately. Contacting WD tech support is a total waste of time seeing as there are no means of accessing anything within these DVR’s systems OS’s to either configure or troubleshoot any installed drive. When this 8TB drive is returned back to WD through the vendor (a separate issue just initiated on Thursday the 25th after running the second DVR system and having the same issues), I will be shopping for the comparable Seagate 8TB drive. I have (because of this entire almost 2-month fiasco) lost my faith in WD (that I’ve had since my first PC and experience with WD drives since @ 2000).

To be clear, 2 DVR’s experiencing the same faults associated with the WD 8TB Purple Pro security drive, is unacceptable. These 3 drives span a 6-month interval (two from one source manufactured in November 2021, and the first one from WD online store (dated May 2022).

In closing, the two OEM 2TB drives in two separate DVR systems (both configured exactly the same and running perfectly) are as silent as its cooling fan & separately were performing flawlessly. That second DVR will be a backup (the latest model with the OEM Skyhawk) if needed, onward.

Will keep updating the forum as necessary.

Hi @PurplePro8TB,

A WD Purple is a surveillance drive, with that we want to verify the drive itself is working and free from defects. We would suggest installing the drive in a Windows computer as a secondary drive and testing using Wester Digital Dashboard.

Please refer to the mentioned link to test the drive.
Link: Install Western Digital Dashboard for Drive Performance Monitoring

This article explains Western Digital drive noise Why Does My Hard Drive Make Noise?


Keerti_01, what would you think if you purchased a drive that seems to seek (clunk-clunk) approximately every ten seconds or so, and at random intervals reboot whatever it was installed in? Add to the fact the log shows an error code as well. Brand new, out of the box, with two separate models of a DVR? Would you be happy dragging this on for days, weeks, or maybe after a month so that now your ‘stuck’ with it and dealing with a return/used drive that had been returned by someone else. Not me. This is the MR of the house. Never had I been exposed to this type of noise in a drive in my extended experience with PC’s and government systems disk drives in a PC environment. I am an electronics tech from the mid/late 60’s and have worked with computers in the military from the mid 70’s. I would not have accepted something like this with government monies let alone my limited funds.

That said, I would suggest returning the drive for a full refund and WD putting it through its own testing/evaluations with possibly acquiring a couple of Lorex D841 and D871 DVR’s, to see if 1, they can duplicate this series of events, and 2, find out why. I have neither the time nor will do this myself. I had fantastic history with WD drives since the acquisition of our first PC after separating from the military in 1995. Since that first PC, I built, upgraded, helped others in their PC problems, and dealt with a variety of different named HDD’s. This is the first time I ever had this specific issue with a drive. Forget the fact this is our first security drive installed in our first security camera system. As I stated earlier this didn’t sound like the old fashioned ‘click of death’ but the heads sweeping back and forth (to its limits) on about a schedule of approximately every ten seconds. I have been advised by the system manufacturer that since it is repeated in a second latest model DVR (the D871), that they believe this is an issue with the drive(s). This seems to me something that either WD and Lorex can work on, or not. Us spending monies on a product that displays this type of result is not going to happen. There are no configurable options on this system to troubleshoot what is causing this. If there was it would have been done already.

I came here to see if others have or are having this type of issues with these 8TB PP drives. So far, I have not gotten any input from forum users. I am OK with that because it just isn’t the normal thing to open an issue in a product forum. I can only guess not too many security systems owners create a membership (or this is the first time this issue is present with this particular drive/system intergration). The end result is this issue is above my capability to resolve. Being here, I am looking for a resolution that isn’t forthcoming yet. Dealing with the vendor with a return is the only thing I have left to do given the issue experienced. After that, if WD and Lorex want to get together (or not) is up to them.

Thank you.


Hi @PurplePro8TB,

Please refer to the below link to check the article WD Products: Warranty Policy and Online Warranty Services:

keerti_01, am confused. Are you a ‘BOT’? Did you not read the posts? This is NOT a warranty issue. This is 3 different brand new (according to available information) bare boxed OEM 8TB Purple Pro drives displaying the same issue with 2 separate Lorex DVR’s.

Why would someone take a ‘warranty’ route with brand new out of the box drives? Maybe you didn’t catch the fact these drives are ‘out of the box’, demonstrating this behavior. IF all you’re going to do is post links for the sake of posting something, please step back away from my post? I would appreciate it. If by chance I got it all wrong and you are in a position to actually help, ask me for the 3 separate serial numbers & after my refund posts to me (got to have the green back) I’ll post them in open forum for you to look into.

I can right now know the problem lies with and between Lorex and WD, not with end users (ME). I can’t think I am so ‘unlucky’ to have this issue with three PP drives from 2 sources (separated by a 6-month manufacturers dates timeframe. with 2 models of Lorex DVRs designed for WD PP security drives).

Does anyone else have something to contribute that makes sense? If so, I thank you for the input. Latest update, the third drive is packaged up for return to the vendor (pickup tomorrow by FedEx), with as much information I can provide to help solve this IN THE BOX. The vendor has been provided with all the facts as well, so they can (if needed) recover any loss for these latest two purchases of mine that are dipping into their business profits (time, shipping costs, hassle).



:frowning: ??? Why am I receiving emails stating I opened a ‘support’ inquiry, with WD support? Twice now (since opening this profile in here) I have been contacted about a support account (to the email I used when signing up here). I did not open a support ‘ticket/issue’, I will not reply to the emails, and I will not ask for ‘support’ dealing with this drive issue. I didn’t ask anyone to ‘act’ as my agent for support, I joined to find out if there was a history or trend with these drives. Someone used my profile information here to ‘sign me up’ for a support account, and I do not appreciate it. I should have been asked, & I made it clear in posts I was not interested in ‘support’ in any way because these were brand new (?) out of the box OEM drives. I can appreciate WD wanting answers, but I have none to give them. Right now, I have an extremely bad taste about WD and this forum due to this ‘support’ account WD wants me to access. I have absolutely no interest in support for drives I do not have & that have been returned. I have labeled these emails ‘SPAM’ since they were unsolicited and totally unnecessary. :frowning:


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