WD3200B007 (very old model) external hard drive - can't find drivers!

I plugged my external hard drive in to my computer and it said “searching for drivers” which came back and said “unsuccessful”. I have searched online, on the WD website and can’t find it anywhere! I don’t want to download from the ads that pop up for fear of malware. When I type in the model number on the WD website it comes up but then when I click on the link for the files it says “file not found”. I hope I can locate a driver so I can access these files! I have tons of music and pics on this external drive that I want to move onto my pc and then onto a newer, compact model external drive. Thanks for any help!

The model number is WD3200B007-RGB and above that it says 4106C.


According to the model number this is a very old drive. On what OS are you trying to use this drive.

Check on the download page on the WD Support site.

See if this helps