WD30EZRX on HP Pavilion only showing 746 Gb after GTB partition went RAW

Initial install of WD30EZRX went fine.  Created two 1397 Gb GTB partitions and moved some data to one of the partitions.  The empty partition went RAW.  I deleted the RAW partition in Disk Management and then was not able to see any unallocated disk space.  I moved the data off the other partition and deleted this partition.  Windows 7 only sees 746 Gb of unallocated disk space now.  I tried a “clean all” under diskpart and no change.  Have tried numerous partition recover utilities with no luck.  HELP!

windows has horrible formatting and partitioning capabilities, so I don’t trust it one bit. Please grab a liveCD of GParted (100% freeware) and try formatting it through said software.

This is probably due to GPT vs MBR. Use GPT (not the default MBR option) when creating the partitions on a 3TB in Win7.

Do a quick erase on the drive in WD Lifeguard and initialize it again in Win7, but as GPT.

My mistake, I meant to say I partitioned this drive as a GTP partition.

Holy **bleep** Batman!  My disk controller drivers are out of date!  Before posting on this community, I had purchased System Mechanic Pro v11 and it supposedly checks for out of date drivers.  Anyway…  I am currently updating the NVIDIA controller drivers.  This actually came about via Western Digital’s Acronis TrueImage app.  The LifeGuard App only reported the drive as ok and that it’s capacity is 3 Tb.  Regardless, thank you all for your suggestions.  I’ll post an update as soon as the driver update is complete.

SOLVED!  The Acronis TrueImage App recommended I either update my drivers via NVIDIA or through Microsoft.  Upon selecting Microsoft, I was presented with a couple apps called DriverUpdate & FixCleaner by Slimware Utilities.  Both apps will provide limited functionality for free but one can get full access by purchasing a licence.  After running both apps with a full licence for both, all drivers were successfully updated and Acronis TrueImage was then able two recognize the whole 3 Tb and I subsequently created two 1.36 Tb GTP partitions.

Thanks again everyone!  Your suggestions helped me arrive at my solution.