WD20EARS DEAD ? Not in windows or bios

Ok so i had my WD20EARS for about a year and all a sudden during a search that i was doing for a file the HD crashed from windows and after a restart it still didnt show in windows so i checked in the bios and also there it wasnt listen for some reason.

I have connected the HD in 2 diff computers and on a USB case and nothing.

Could it be the PCB or maybe? I have a link to the picture i took great qual!!

If any 1 could see anything on the pic id be happy but not counting on it really.

I was thinking maybe a pcb swap ?? I bought several of the same HD’s at the same time from the same store so could try??



Try to PM  fzabkar, he’s really good with the PCB subject.

was the drive your system drive, or secondary drive?  did you check disk management to see it shows up there?