WD3200AAJS Internal Dead?

Hello, yesterday i put my  PC in sleep mode and when i woke it back up it was frozen, the hard disk was dead.
Now i cannot see my hard drive in bios.
It makes this continuous specific sound that I recorded for you guys in case you have any idea what’s the problem.

wav audio here

Please help??

Yes, not a lot you can do here, replace it if you can.

What could be the problem? Damaged head, damaged plates or both?

i am having a similiar problem - I cannot see the drive in the bios - the disk is not making any sound - does anyone have any ideas

If there is absolutely no sound, no matter how soft, then the PCB is most likely faulty. That’s a relatively cheap fix. Otherwise, if you do hear a soft sound, then the drive may have a stiction fault or seized spindle motor.