WD10TMVV failing

TL;DR: when connecting USB, hard drive spins, light comes on, but device is not recognized.

2 years ago I bought a 1TB WD external drive and it comes with a micro USB port.

I tried to connect it a few days ago on Win 7 and it connected and disconnected a few times. After a while, it disconnected completely and I was unable to get windows to recognize it ever since. I tried to run on Ubuntu and the same problem happens (it sometimes can detect it after a lot of tries but as soon as I try to access the drive, even though all the files show up, the drive suddenly disconnects). I’ve tried this on my smart TV as well and the same thing happens. Although, lately, I have not been able to get it to even display the files anymore. 

My theory is that the actual hard drive is ok but the USB driver is messed up (I used to get ‘This device is not USB 2’ message on windows too).

If this is the case, any ideas how i can fix it?

I highly appreciate any ideas and suggestions! 

What model is the drive?

You can try a firmware update or drivers as well

Thanks for the reply. The model # is WD10TMVV - 11BG7S0. 

Is there somewhere that i can order a new PCB? Do you recommend doing that at all?

Other external HD brands have been able to back up with EZ UP3 - WD has propietary pins and does not allow to connect to any of these, so I sent it for check up-repair.

Stapless, Best Buy and WD all give the same answer: does not work, back up starting at $ 1,500 and up.

The light goes on, the drive spins, changed cables, but is not recognized.

If your system can see it, back up NOW.

It worked ok. Suddently It did not show some folders, then less, then… ignored - PC and MAC.

No more WD for me.

hope it helps even if sound bad news.